3 thoughts on “Is Liberty Eagle Financial Management a Internet MLM?”

  1. MLM refers to the organizer's developers who are calculated and paid based on the number or performance of the number of personnel who are directly or indirectly developed, or the development person is required to obtain wealth as a condition to obtain a certain fee to obtain the qualifications to obtain wealth. Illegal acts. The essence of MLM is the "Ponzi scam", that is, the money of the future comes will send the benefits of the former.

    . Legal basis:

    The judging whether a behavior is a MLM behavior, mainly depends on whether the behavior has several elements of MLM crime. It belongs to MLM.

    (revised according to the amendment of the Criminal Law) Article 224 of the Criminal Law: Organization, leadership in the name of selling goods and providing services, and requiring participants to pay the fee fee Or buy goods, services and other methods to obtain qualifications, and form a level in accordance with a certain order, directly or indirectly use the number of developers as a basis for paying or rebate, to lure and coer the participants to continue developing others, deceive the property, disturb the economic and social order, and disrupt economic and social order. MLM.

    The following behavior of Article 7 of the "Prohibition of MLM Regulations" belongs to MLM behavior:

    (1) Organizers or operators through developers require developers to develop other personnel to develop other personnel through developers to develop other personnel through developers to develop other personnel. Join, calculate and pay for the number of personnel who develops directly or indirectly (including material rewards and other economic benefits, the same below) to get illegal interests; ) Organizers or operators are required to pay fees or in disguise in disguised fees by developers to be paid by developers, and they can obtain qualifications for joining or developing other personnel to get illegal interests;

    (( 3) Organizers or operators require developers to develop other personnel to join, form an upper and down relationship, and the sales performance of the following line is calculated and paid for online remuneration to obtain illegal benefits.

    In the "Prohibition of MLM Regulations", the concept of hierarchical relations repeatedly, it is only a phenomenon of many MLM. Essence

  2. The money is not in the hands of the platform, you want to retreat at any time, the platform only collects your management fee.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer this is a deceptive platform and cannot be believed. Liberty Eagle DAM propaganda is to save money wealth management platforms in the United States, saying that Langhua Fund Co., Ltd. made a decentralized solution based on blockchain technology. It launched the world in April 2020 and distributed 300,000 in the market to the market. DAM, worth $ 300,000. Nicholas Digital Bank $ 56 million is used in a supplementary reverse repurchase in the development of DAM. It is planned to use DAM financial management business to lock more viscous and precise users through DAM's wealth management business. A solid data foundation. Promoting funds decentralization, eradicating industry disadvantages, and long -term stability. These sounds of the background of the tall company are abroad, and it is difficult for participants to distinguish whether it is true or false, and it can only be listened to the flickering propaganda of scammers. The person who understands see the free eagle DAM system model, and he understands that the capital is undoubted. In the form of static or dynamic capital circulation, dismantle the east wall to make up the west wall, and then add the money of the membership to pay to the online MLM form of the previous members. The essence is pyramid -type pyramid scams.nI hope my answer can help you, I wish you a happy life!

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