3 thoughts on “How to properly remove the dog in vitro in the body”

  1. 1. Pillow for dogs, it is best to put some cedar, laurel eucalyptus leaves, mint leaves, etc., which can help the dog drive away the fleas.
    2, mix the orange skin, grapefruit skin, 3 -petae garlic, and 500 ml of water, stir well with a juicer, then heat it with low heat for 15 minutes, wait for the fence, put it in the fence, and put it in the fence. Pay attention to avoid your eyes and spray it directly on the dog.
    3, if you repel in the body, you can mix a spoonful of vinegar in about 1000 mg of water. As a daily drinking water for pets, it is very effective for preventing fleas and flat lice. (Reference materials: Xinhuanet, People's Daily)
    one of the laws and laws. Also known as insecticidal. Refers to the method of treating human parasites with insecticides. It mainly treats intestinal parasites such as tapeworms, tapeworms, tapeworms, hookworms. Symptoms see the abdominal pain around the umbilicus. When it comes from time to time, do not think about diet, or eat more good hunger, or eat foreign objects, thin body, and yellowing. All drugs that can drive or kill certain parasites are called deworming medicines. The prescription composed of deworming medicine is called insect repellent. Commonly used drugs include gentlemen, bitter skin, glyphon, mule, crane grass buds, pumpkin seeds, betel nuts, thunder pills, crane lice, etc.

  2. You can take a bath in two or three days after the dog's external use. Do not spray too much during the first few spraying medicines. The dog will lick the liquid liquid on your body. Just let go after drying

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