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  1. 1. Causes of calcium deficiency
    This dogs have eaten a single dog food for a long time, do not consume calcium, eat too much animal internal organs, affecting the absorption of calcium, excessive exercise of dogs, and digestion of calcium Calcium, breastfeeding female dogs also have great demand for calcium, because puppies do not get enough calcium and deficiency when they need nutritional calcium.
    . Symptoms of expression
    A calcium -deficient dog hair color is not good, poor appetite, weak standing, do not love to run, even bone development, bone deformity, ribs reversal, double rows of teeth, especially It is the greatest harm to bone development, which will cause the dog station to be unstable and limped.
    . How to replenish calcium

    This feeding dogs with nutritious full -cost all -price whole dogs into dog food, eat egg yolk and bone soup appropriately, and can also eat some fish and shrimp skin in appropriate amount. Bean products such as tofu and soy milk, when the dog is deficient in calcium, it is obvious that the dog feeds the cream of cream, the trace elements, and the joints of the joints, which will help supplement the nutrition of the required nutrition and protect the joints of the joints. , Strong bone, relieve joint inflammation, and prevent osteoporosis.
    The dogs often take dogs to the sun, because the ultraviolet rays in the sun can help the dog better absorb calcium, let blood calcium transform into bone calcium, and let the bone calcium body absorb calcium. Purpose.

  2. The dogs
    The medicine is not as good as food and supplement. It is the same as supplementing calcium for dogs. Instead of letting the dog eat them, they are not so calcium powder and calcium tablets. Calcium supplement from normal feeding. Xiaobian will take a look at some calcium supplement foods that can be eaten for dogs.
    1. Milk:
    The milk is rich in calcium, which is the best way to obtain calcium, and its calcium is also the most easy to absorb. A cup of fresh milk (240 ml) a day can get about 240 mg of calcium from it. If you are worried about the dog's lactose intolerance, you can try your own yogurt or cheese.
    2. Soy products:
    Soy products such as tofu, soy milk, dried soybean, soybean flour, etc., are also good calcium supplements.
    3. Fish shellfish:
    It bones to eat small fish is a good source of calcium. Among all kinds of fish, freshwater fish contains more calcium, while the dried calcium content of small fish can be as high as 2213 mg per 100 grams. Others such as clams and oysters are also rich in calcium.
    . Seaweed:
    kelp, konbu, skirt vegetables, black kelp, etc., seaweed foods are rich in carotene, calcium, potassium and dietary fiber. The low calories can be used for cooking. Taking dry kelp as an example, the calcium content per 100 grams is 737 mg.
    5. Yellow -green vegetables:
    The calcium content of yellow -green vegetables is much more than light -colored vegetables, and contains a large amount of carotene, which can enhance the antioxidant force and has great significance for anti -cancer.
    6. Bone category:
    This or large bones are rich in calcium. When the big bone boiled soup, you can add vinegar to help the calcium dissolve.

  3. Dogs are supplemented with calcium supplementation, so in addition to feeding dog food, you can also feed the dogs with some foods such as shrimp skin, kelp, chicken soup, and bone soup. Dogs Calcium supplementation of dogs needs to be supplemented with calcium, so pay attention to keeping the dog's body calcium content, which is helpful for dogs to supplement calcium.
    It calcium supplementation can also give the dog more sun in addition to supplementing the diet. When sun exposure, it can help the dog absorb calcium. When the weather is good, you can take the dog out to bask in the sun. Be careful not to bask in the sun for too long, so as not to heat up heat stroke or sunburn. The movement of the dog is also helpful for the growth of the dog's body.
    It is not enough to feed dog food. The nutrition in dog food is not comprehensive. Therefore, in addition to feeding dog food and additional foods when feeding It is more convenient to mix it in the dog's food during the feeding.

  4. 1: Dogs are severely calcium deficient in calcium and calcium supplement
    If the dog deficiency of calcium deficiency, the bones have abnormal, such as the dogs have soft legs, leg weakness, OX legs, etc. Calcium is a bit serious. The owner can take the dog to the pet hospital to find a veterinarian in time to let the veterinaries see if they really need to take calcium needles. If the veterinarian recommends taking calcium needles for the dog, the owner will infusion of the dog with the help of the veterinarian.

    2: Daily feeding pet nutritional supplements
    If the dog's calcium deficiency is not very serious, the owner can buy some Wangli mixed food in dog food to feed the dog. Here, you have to remind the owner that when you supplement calcium supplementing the dog, you cannot use the products of calcium supplementation for calcium supplement to the dogs to feed the dogs. After all, the dogs and people's demand for calcium are different. So the owner should not be fed randomly.

    3: Adjust the diet to supplement the dog. The owner should not only feed the dog's single dog food just, and can feed the dogs with some rich foods, such as shrimp skin, soy products, dairy products, etc. The single diet structure of the dog helps to open the dog's appetite.

    During the time of the owner's calcium supplementation of the dog, the dog should take the dog out to expose the sun appropriately. The ultraviolet rays in the sun can help the dog's body absorb calcium, so as to achieve the owner to supplement the dog to supplement calcium to calcium calcium to calcium calcium the goal of.

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