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  1. Before cutting hair for pet dogs, you should rinse it, wash it, then dry it with a hair drying, and then combine it. In this way, it is easier to cut. Essence After the drying and drying combed, you can first cut the dog with a long hair on the dog first, and the one who can't be combed without knotting is also cut. Don't move it, start with a person, the scissors are not very sharp, the more blunt head, the better, the safer. After cutting the long and uncomfortable hair short, you can start with a push shear. If it is not to be pushed very short, then put the push -cut card on it. Card cover. The hair behind the dog's ears can be pushed, and it is not easy to hide dirt. It is best to push it to push the hair in this place. If you use scissors, it is not good to move and it is not safe. Pet dogs, the hair on the leg is slightly shorter, it is almost the same. Of course, there may be different pet dog varieties, which are suitable for cutting. When cutting hair for dogs, some parts should pay attention to safety, such as hairs on the belly, pay attention, because don't hurt Mimi, and when cutting, when the sun temperature is high, choose to avoid the wind. Places, otherwise it is difficult to engage in hygiene.

  2. Shaver at home, try not to let the other dogs of the home see, so as not to have fear of other dogs. Shavering cannot be forced: If the dog is very unsatisfactory during the shaving process, you must stop, let the dog rest and shave, don't force it. In some places, try not to shave: The limbs of the dog are the most difficult parts of shaving in the process of shaving, especially the above parts of the feet. The skin is thin and the capillaries are rich, so try not to shave to avoid the dog's injury. What parents can do when shaving: When shaving, comfort their children, and say some comfort to the dog while shaving. Pay special attention to shaving at home: try to leave the dog's limbs with part of the hair as much as possible. Because when the dog's skin is directly exposed to the ground, some dogs will jump suddenly because they are not used to uncomfortable.

  3. Shav up from the body, the easiest place to shave on the body, and then the feet, tail, head, and dog's feet are also hairy. Don't forget to shave the dog's feet. The dogs are more afraid of the dogs when shaving. You have to spend some effort to catch the dog. Dogs, belly, eyes, eyes, ears, are all very fragile places. It is easy to shave. The belly and ears are shaved slowly. You can leave a few centimeters of hair. The skin on the armpit is wrinkled, and it is generally not easy to hurt when gently shaving. When the Mao was shaved, he took a bath for the dog. After drying, the hair that was not shaved could be seen more clearly, and it was easier to shave. It was just fine.

  4. Take a bath for the dog, comb the hair and comb through the hair. Cut off the extra part of the chin. When trimming the eyebrows, the scissors are out to avoid hurting the dog by mistake. The hair on the edge of the lips should also be cut off. Press its lips first, soothe its emotions and then trim. The front leg. Use small scissors to cut off the length to be cut in the shape of the leg shape. It looks natural. Pay special attention to the overall balance when trimming the legs. Do not be short or too long, which will make the dog difficult to walk. The hair on the toes can be trimmed to cover the nails, and then the circular shape of the long hair is trimmed. The hair under the feet is easy to adsorb dust, so the hair under the feet must also be trimmed. Try to trim to the shortest, pay attention to fix the dog's feet before trimming to prevent the damage caused by running.

  5. Before shaving, combine the hair and comb the knot. If the knot cannot be combed, cut it off first. If the length of the hairs of the knife can be selected, the longest length should be selected. That is, after shaving, the hair left is as long as possible, not too smooth. When shaving, shave in the direction of the hair. If it is shaved against hair, it is easy to shave too short, too much skin, and easily cause skin irritation. Start with the head to shave. When shaving, in front of the pet, grab your mouth to fix with your hands. When shaving the abdomen, shave from bottom to top, be careful of the skin and nipples of the abdomen at the groin. After shaving, use mild and low -stimulation of anti -allergic shower gel to soothe the skin.

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