Jiujiang men rode a motorcycle and stole 100 dogs for 1 year. What kind of punishment would he be?

5 thoughts on “Jiujiang men rode a motorcycle and stole 100 dogs for 1 year. What kind of punishment would he be?”

  1. The man's behavior has constituted a large amount of theft. According to the Criminal Law, he will bear legal responsibility for his actions and a certain fine. At the same time, because the man's behavior has had a certain impact on the society, Therefore, it will also be condemned by society.
    . Give criminal punishment according to the value of theft
    If the value of one or two dogs and the value of the dog is not high, it will not be criminal responsibility. However, according to the "Criminal Law", if the amount of theft reaches a certain standard, the theft will bear criminal responsibility. It can be seen from the number of men's stealing dogs that the man has constituted 1. multiple thefts; second, the amount of theft is huge, so according to the "Criminal Law" regulations, the man must not only bear criminal responsibility, but also follow the stealing dogs who stole dogs. The amount is given a certain penalty, and the specific fine should be determined according to the specific value of 100 dogs. If the man refuses to pay the fine on the grounds of "no money", his existing property will be confiscated according to the "Criminal Law" regulations.

    . The behavior of its behavior will be severely "condemned" that the man's behavior has seriously affected social security. His bad behavior not only brings certain trauma to the family of dogs, but also It also has adverse effects on society. This behavior has also caused certain public opinion, so the man will be severely condemned.
    In short, the man's behavior is no longer a simple theft. He is already endangering the society. If his behavior is not punished, it will cause the illusion to the minors and make minors mistakenly think that "Stealing dogs is not illegal." Therefore, even if the dog's family forgives it, the society will not forgive his behavior, and the law will not allow him to continue to be free.
    Therefore, as a social citizen, we should use the law as a cordon, and we must not cross the law to do it at will. Nothing should be within the scope of the law, and at the same time, it should also leave a good example for minors, and it cannot be affected by this private affected social order.

  2. The man's behavior is a stealing behavior. The pet dog raised belongs to the personal property of citizens, and theft of stealing dogs. If the criteria for crime are not reached, they can be punished for public security. They are detained for more than five days and less than ten days. Fined fines of less than 1,000 yuan.

  3. Dogs raised to the masses only eat poisoning, and then sell dogs to restaurants. Since October last year, Cai has stolen more than 100 dogs and illegally made more than 40,000 yuan. At present, Cai has been detained according to law, and the case is under investigation

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