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  1. The small pet suitable for raising the bedroom
    The small pet suitable for raising the bedroom. Many people have no resistance for cute and loved pets, so many people in life will think of pets. Different people are different. Different people are different. Different places for pets. Let ’s take a look at the small pets suitable for raising the bedroom
    The small pet 1 suitable for nourishing in the bedroom can be raised in the bedroom, such as turtles, rabbits, hamsters, chulksians, goldfish, squirrels, squirrels , Guarding Palace, Hedgehog, etc., raising turtles is more common and raised easily. It only needs to change water and feed regularly. The hamster is small and basically does not need any breeding space. The bedroom is also very suitable for gold fish, which can increase the humidity of the room.
    The types of small pets suitable for bedrooms
    Turtles are very suitable for breeding in the bedroom. Usually the turtles are not high in the environment. As long as you change water and feed it regularly, you can raise it very well. And turtles do not make a sound.

    A hamsters are also suitable for raising in the bedroom, because the hamster has a small size and does not require a large breeding space. It only needs to clean it regularly. , May be a bit noisy.
    The goldfish is also suitable for raising in the bedroom. Goldfish does not need to be oxygen, and the requirements for water quality are not very high. In the bedroom, it can also increase the humidity of the room. Its food.
    It, there are many small pets suitable for breeding in the bedroom, including rabbits, chinchillas, squirrels, palaces, parrots, na, hedgehogs, beetles, pet shrimp, and small cats and dogs. No matter what pet raising, you must discuss with the roommates in advance.
    The small pets suitable for raising 2 I. Rabbit
    The rabbit is cute and quiet, and does not take up the place. You only need to put it in a cage and occasionally put out a jump. In addition, the food needed for rabbits is very simple. It only needs to feed some vegetables every day, and the rabbit is relatively clean, which will not affect the environment of the public area of ​​your dormitory.
    , the turtle
    among many small pets, the turtles are more popular. The first is because the turtle's vitality is very tenacious. It is enough to add some water to the container. It is very convenient. Both leaves and various vegetables can be used as food. The turtles are also quiet and do not occupy the place, and there will be no taste. It does not need to spend a lot of time, but the requirements for water quality and temperature still need to pay attention.

    three, hamsters
    Hunar is cheap, feeding costs is very low, which is most suitable for students to raise. The key is that the hamster is very small. It only needs a "small villa" to get it, and eat less. But pay attention to cleaning up its nests often, otherwise there may be some odors (don't ask me how to know) over a long time.
    . Goldfish
    Compared with other pets, the goldfish has a beautiful appearance and gorgeous swimming posture, more ornamental value. Like the turtles, it does not need to be too large, nor does it need to take care of frequently You only need to feed some food occasionally to keep the water clean.
    The cost is much lower than raising other pets, but one thing, goldfish is more afraid of loneliness, remember to buy a few more, so that they have a companion.
    It small pets suitable for raising 3 [Bird]
    Wen Bird, which is a cute bird who wants to write novels for it. Pure white feathers, clear eyes, and small mouths of red fire are also very relatives. They can be put on my hands and are close to their hands. They are also small princesses who love clean. If the owner is busy, give it a bowl of water, you can play for a long time. Wenting will not scream like Peng, and its price is also worth it. It is advisable to raise it. If you are good, you can live for 7 years!
    [red -bellied squirrel]
    . It is the most relative The squirrel can reach 20cm in adulthood, and you can go out with a rope. There is no odor in myself, and the stinky stink is not very stinky. It is also a little cute and cute. The red-belly squirrel's breeding period throughout the year is about 1-3 young rats interested in friends who can consider it.
    [Ink tortoise]
    The turtle is so good, so I do n’t need to say it. The ink turtle is also called the Chinese turtle. When the male turtle grows up, the turtle becomes dark. , The weight of the top -level ink turtle in the daily pound has a town house, and the price reaches four digits, and the ordinary ink turtle is very cheap.
    [Green Mao Turtle]
    This Turtle is actually a kind of freshwater turtle with a turtle -backed basal strain algae. The ancient turtle is called a god turtle. It is the treasure of China, which has always enjoyed the beauty of "living jade" and "Millennium God Turtle". One try!
    [Seaweed Ball]
    The seaweed ball is a plant in a strict sense, but it is too cured. It is a must -have. It is often regarded as a bride's hand gift. The little master can use the imagination to make an ecological bottle. Don't be too beautiful to put it on the table! The small owner with an object can also raise it for a period of time to the object, telling her the meaning of the seaweed ball affectionately, Don't be too romantic.
    [Hexagonal Dinosaur]
    is also called hexagonal dragon, which is very suitable for novice pets. It is not high in water temperature, 5-28 °, and no oxygen is required. Need to change water frequently, cheap price, strong regeneration ability, life span 10-15 years, small owners with ideas can consider.
    [Fire Red Rose Spider]
    The people will be frightened by their appearance, but in fact, this variety of spiders are very docile and strong. Excluding accidents, there is not much room for raising it. The adult can reach 13-15cm. As long as there is water
    for 100 days without eating, and it will not die. It ’s just that the color of the fire rose is more delicate and the price will be more expensive. How can I choose to think about it?

    The head of this species is much smaller than squirrels. They weigh about 100 grams, with an average of 5-10 years, and belong to daytime animals. The mouse body length is 110-150 mm, the tail length is close to the body length, the back of the back is light yellow or orange-red, and there are 5 dark brown vertical patterns. Essence The longitudinal lines extend from the back of the eyebrow to the hips. The body's side hair is orange -yellow, the abdominal hair is white, and the hair base gray is still very beautiful.
    [teddy dog]
    The is lively and easy to be active. It is a loyal dog species, and the title of "Thailand". Very agile, smart and elegant dog, square structure, proportional proportion, strong and confident steps.
    It dogs with smaller heads. In order to make up for this shortcoming, the hair on the head can be kept longer and rounded. The head is slightly larger and beautiful. Dogs with large heads should be cut short, and the hair on the neck does not need to be cut short, but the teddy dog ​​needs the owner's careful care.

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