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  1. The reason why the dog smells:
    1. The dog's diet is not very reasonable. For example, a dog who eats too much rice will have a strange taste. The taste is heavy;
    2. Dogs do not take a bath for a long time, which causes odor;
    3. Some dog species have a specific body taste;
    4. Dogs if they have certain diseases, it will also It will cause odor;
    The solution:
    1. Eating special dog food or light food will reduce the body odor;
    2. At least a week of bathing for dogs, you need to use special pet incense waves;

    3. The unique body taste of the dog can be covered with perfume or deodorant;
    4. The body odor caused by skin diseases will improve after treating skin diseases.

    The expansion information: Dog's contraindications:
    1, grapes, raisins: grapes and raisins can cause dog kidney failure, sometimes only one raisin can kill a dog. Essence
    2, Australian nuts, walnuts: Australian nuts can cause collapse, muscle spasm and paralysis. Other nuts are not good for dogs. High phosphorus content in nuts may cause kidney stones, and should be avoided as much as possible. Peanut butter is an exception. However, if you feed peanut butter, organic sugar -free peanut butter should be used.
    3, avocado: avocado itself, the nucleus and fruit trees are toxic. It will cause dogs to have difficulty breathing, chest cavity and heart accumulation. According to some people's theories, the oil of avocado is good for dogs.
    4, the "seeds and fruit kernels" of fruits: apples, cherries, pears or fruits -like seeds and fruits contain cyanide, which are fatal poisons for people and dogs. Cyanide can also exist in the dog's intestine, and there is no sign of a sign of the dog within 24 hours.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog-raising method, dog's habits

  2. There are several cases of dog odor.
    1: bad breath. It means that the dog's digestive system has problems, the fire is heavy or the teeth are not clean. You can brush your teeth or symptomatic treatment.
    2: The butt smell. See if the hair near the anus sticks its excretion. If so, the dog may have diarrhea.
    3: The anal glands do not squeeze the anal glands for a long time. With anal centered, squeeze from the anus from 4 and 8 o'clock on both sides, there will be liquid flow or spraying. Parenting to cushion the toilet paper in advance, otherwise it may be sprayed on the body.
    4: Some dog breeds have a specific taste. Pets can be covered with perfume or deodorant.
    5: The body odor caused by skin disease. It will improve after treating skin diseases.
    Themorely eating animal foods and less dogs with less water. Eating special dog food or light food can reduce body odor.
    In the bath, use the dog's special mite and flea shower gel. In severe cases, add drug spray with flea removal mites. These pet hospitals are sold, and the shower gel of mites remove fleas will also be sold in large supermarkets, but there are very few types.
    Extended information:
    This Dogs Bathing
    The purpose of bathing. The secretion of the sebaceous glands has an unpleasant smell, and it will also be stained with filth to make the hair wrapped and make a stinky smell. If you do not take a bath, it is easy to cause the pathogenic microorganism and parasites to make your dog get sick. Therefore, it is necessary to take a bath to keep the skin's cleanliness and benefit the health of the dog.
    The method of bathing. Due to weak resistance, puppies are prone to respiratory infections, colds and pneumonia due to their cold. Therefore, you are not suitable for water baths within half years old. It is advisable to dry them. Spray the conditioner and babies with dilution of more than 1,000 times diluted every day or the next day.
    This dogs are afraid of taking a bath, especially the Shapei dog is even more afraid of water. Therefore, we must do the training of the dog's first bath, fill the pot with warm water, put the dog into the pot, and show their heads and necks. This will make the dog feel comfortable and will not be unwilling to take a bath in the future.
    The correct bathing method is as follows: Stand the dog's head to your left side, block the left hand to the bottom of the dog's head to the chest, and fix the dog body. Put your right hand in the bath, use warm water, gently wet gently in the order of hips, back, abdomen, hind limbs, shoulders and forelimbs, apply shampoo (preferably pet fragrance). After gently rubbing, use a comb. Ferry quickly, press the sides of the anus with your fingers before rinse, and squeeze the secretions of the anus glands.
    In the left hand or right hand to cover the two ears from the lower part of the palate, rinse it from the top of the head with water, pay attention to prevent the water from flowing into the ears, and then rinse the body with clear water from the body from the back to Wrap the head with a towel immediately and dry the water. The long hair dog can be dried with a hair dryer. While the hair dryer, the hair should be combed. As long as the dog is not dry, it should be combed until the hair dry.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Pet Dog

  3. The taste of the dog changes with this climate and season. In the rainy clouds, it is particularly obvious that most people will desperately take a bath for their dogs. In fact, this basically cannot reduce the taste of the dog. It will aggravate the smell's secretion. And I firmly oppose the use of chemicals for dogs (that is, all of our shampoos). It is best to wash water with water when it is generally not very dirty, because the dog's skin is basically not secreted by oil, and people are people. The washing supplies contain a large amount of oil -removed chemicals, which is not good for dogs. I also resolutely oppose some people to apply perfumes to the dog, which seriously affects the sense of smell, and the dog does not like it.
    The method of removing odor is actually very simple, the most effective and safe. The way the dog likes is to comb his hair, combing several times a day, and you know it is effective. In addition, give the dog more outdoor sports. Let him contact the soil and grass and trees, and go to the odor 100 %, and there is nothing left at all. If you can do these two points, there must be no problem.

  4. Dogs have a body odor. It is natural. Frequent bathing can really reduce body odor, but excessive frequency can damage his skin and prone to skin diseases. Generally three times a month in summer, and other seasons cannot exceed twice.
    It you can buy some deodorant products, which can help pets to remove body taste safely, like Kelu pet deed care agents (I am not an advertisement), rich fresh can forest incense waves, tens of yuan, not only can you use not only can you use not only use In pets, you can also spray places where pets often move. It can be effective in about two weeks. But don't spray too much, so that the smell of pets completely, which will make her bullied in front of other dogs. If you have conditions, you can also do a professional and odorous beauty care.

  5. The dog's teeth and ears will have dirt and residue accumulation

    The dog breeding is better, that is, this is more troublesome. Generally, the mouth that exudes the smell is the mouth and ears, so you usually pay more attention to cleaning these parts for the dogs, such as using ear washing water to clean up dirty things. In addition, you can also give the dog with special -flavored products. The family has a deodorant spray very good. When cleaning the dog, you can also purify the air

    Several cases.
    1: Stomach breath. It means that there is a problem with the dog digestive system, the fire is heavy or the teeth are not clean. You can brush it or treat it symptomatically.
    2: The butt smell. Look at the hair near the anus There is no excrement that is sticking to it. If there is, the dog may diarrhea.
    3: long -term does not squeeze anal gland caused anal gland inflammation. The anal centers, from 4 and 8 points from both sides to the anal direction Pressure, there will be liquid flowing or spraying. Path the toilet paper in advance, otherwise it may be sprayed on the body.
    4: Some dog breeds have a specific body odor. You can use pet perfume or deodorant to cover up.
    5: Body odor caused by skin diseases. After treating skin diseases, it will improve.
    This dogs with less animal food and drinking less water. Eating special dog food or light food can reduce body odor to reduce body odor reduction. .
    In the bathing, use the dog's dedicated mite and flea shower gel.
    It, add drug spray with flea removal mites. These pet hospitals are sold, and the shower gel of mites remove fleas will also be sold in large supermarkets, but there are very few types.

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