3 thoughts on “What should I do if the dog is stabbed alive?”

  1. After the dog is stabbed to be stabbed, go to the pet hospital as soon as possible. Because after being stabbed by live numbness, redness and swelling will occur in the injured area. Generally, it will be accompanied by local tissue infection. If possible, first treat the injured parts, disinfect the skin surface with disinfectant, and use hydrogen peroxide for local tissue. Soak, and then repeatedly rinse with physiological saline. Pay attention to the changes in the condition of the wound. If the local tissue appears red, swollen and itching, this shows that it is symptoms of allergic poisoning, and some anti -inflammatory drugs need to be taken for anti -infection and anti -allergic treatment. So after simply treatment, go to the pet hospital for targeted treatment.

  2. Dogs are stabbed live than people, okay? As long as there is no problem with life, there should be no problem. There are hair on the dog. How can it be eaten by this thing?

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