5 thoughts on “I'm afraid of dogs, all dogs are afraid, I don’t know what to do with this problem”

  1. Hello, you say that you feel that the dog is going to attack yourself when you see the dog. Whether the big dog, puppy, pets or others, you are afraid. When you were in Beijing, you dare not run in the morning. Just began to counterattack or run crazy, avoiding the dog's intention. From your description, your situation may be with your negative sexual life event: the relevant information of the dog before or seeing the dog bite people before, leaving you a psychological shadow, so Whenever you see a dog, you consider the dog to attack yourself in the subconscious, which leads to your panic.
    The situation is indeed a psychological disease, which is a symptom of special phobia. Such a situation can be changed through psychological treatment to eliminate the fear of dogs.

  2. In fact, I have had such a problem! And I am also scared. Once I met a big dog during the morning exercise, I looked at it, and it looked at me. Although I was a little scared, I still looked at it (you should also have this kind of nervous emotion. ?) When the dog was more and more excited, when I was more and more excited, when I was about to bite me, the security guard told me to turn my head. As a result, the dog did not attack me. This is the dog thinking you want to fight him. As long as you do n’t go to see it, you do n’t have to be nervous when you encounter a dog. Some owners let the owner lose money, and those who have not found someone to catch home and eat it

  3. Afraid that dogs are human instincts. The self -protection mechanism formed during the evolution of tens of thousands of years. This is not your problem. There is a problem with the talents of raising dogs in violation of regulations. It is recommended that you see together and report together. Gradually you can overcome the fear

    PS: The problem of this violation of dog breeding is in most cities belongs to the management of public security organs

  4. No. Is it right if you see the dog's eyes?
    I has teased the dogs for more than 20 years since I was a child, but I have never been bitten!
    relaxed from the bottom of your heart. Dogs are loyal. First of all, people need to treat it to be kind. Have you done it?
    Also, the dog will not take the initiative to attack people. When you see the dog coming next time, you can try it without moving. The more you run the dog, the more you chase you! Intersection
    The dogs are sincere! Intersection

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