3 thoughts on “How to give teddy dog ​​bows?”

  1. A medium size on the neck, the knot is on the back neck, and it is biased towards one side. Bow's ribbon is longer.
    It color depends on your dog's hair color

  2. After reading a pet book, how to give Teddy butterfly bow.
    This I also gave my family Teddy. On the two ears, I slipped down and couldn't hold it. After reading the book, I know that it is this:
    1. First take a beauty comb "a pointed one" to pick some hair on the root of the ears, or you want to give it other parts of the bow,
    2. Then use the beauty paper "It's very light, transparent, transparent paper" to wrap the hair picked out of the hair, roll it up, and tie it with fine rubber bands.
    3. Finally, the favo with a rubber band is fixed on the beauty paper just now.
    4. Now you can take it out of the show.
    This also reminded one point: try to unlock the hair and comb in three or four days to avoid the hair follicles from inflammation.
    I I wish your puppy grow up healthy and beautiful!

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