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  1. Animal hypnosis is a false reaction
    "Animals are not hypnotized. They feel the danger of the outside world and inspire a physiological fake death." Meng Yan, a pet doctor in Shenyang, said that animal hypnosis is just an illusion.
    In seeing the animal's "hypnosis" suddenly, "That's the danger of animals, and then I can't escape, and I instinctively react to death." Meng Yan said. When you see a doctor, you often use the instincts of these animals. The conditions for each animal to die are different, so it takes many years to explore or experience veterinarians, otherwise it is difficult to understand.
    "Most animals are not close to humans, they are unfamiliar with humans, and they do not like to be held by humans." Meng Yan said that when humans come into contact with animals, animals will feel that they encounter danger of life and will be harmed. In particular, some timid animals will be fake to death, passing the signal of fear. In addition, "animals are afraid of shit and urine, which is also common in pet hospitals." This is also a signal that is conveying fear.
    "hypnosis" damage animals?
    "No harm, after all, there is no chemical stimulus." Meng Yan introduced that when animals have false death stress reactions, individual animals may appear because they are afraid to eat. Or symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.
    Psychological experts: In order to show that the training expertise is not desirable
    "Whether the child is self -taught or trained, this child is different from other children. . "Zhou Yongmei, director of Shenyang Youth Psychological Health Center, said that when parents cultivate some expertise, they must consider what the purpose and benefit of cultivation. "If it is just to show, or some parents' needs are inside, this is not advisable."
    "Some children may not be willing to express, maybe to please parents, which will make their children very hard. "Zhou Yongmei said that the child has a good strength to show, which may at first make the child confident. "But to increase self -confidence by relying on one aspect, children are intoxicated in the small specialties, but they will affect other aspects of development."
    Zhou Yongmei suggested that when parents cultivate their children's expertise, they should think more about their children. Consider considering How many benefits do children pay attention to children's needs, and reduce their parents' own needs.
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    has no special features
    The famous popular science writer, independent scholar Sima Nan, also paid attention to reports about Yingying. "This little girl is very cute, but there is no special feature." Sima Nan said that this is just the behavior of the animal's self -protection.
    The analysis that the small animals used to perform, entering the so -called hypnotic state, the laws are the same. First of all, behavior restrictions, that is, not allowed to move and cannot move. When animals are ready, the little girl uses hands to force it to return to its original state.
    Secondly, for some older animals, or not familiar animals, the little girl also wants to leave the ground with big heads to leave the ground, causing fear to the animals. This is a strong force majeure for animals. Since it is force majeure, resistance is useless, and animals have to temporarily do not resist. This is a sign of fear to the extreme.
    Is in the mouth of the little girl, she thinks it is very gentle, but in fact, no matter what kind of tone she uses, probably the puppy (if the puppy is from their family, and she is her playmate) Exceptions, other animals will be afraid because of this.
    If as super power education
    Sima Nan said that for children, there is curiosity and like to explore unknown things. As long as there is no life danger, it should be encouraged.
    For parents, encouraging children's exploration in curiosity is also a correct choice.
    In the children to observe the habits of animals more, record their sleep, activities, behavior laws, and reproduction laws. Write a diary every day and accumulate. Observing the extra -curricular life of small animals may allow children to produce zoology. Interest, this interest is the best teacher for learning.
    But remember, Mo Guo encouraged what to do in the so -called supernatural ability, which is a dead end. Not only is it not helpful to the child's learning, but it may affect the health of the child's future personality.
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  2. Seeing many videos of animal hypnosis on the Internet, including hypnotic chickens, hypnotic pigeons, hypnotic rabbits, hypnotic frogs, and even hypnotic crocodiles. Is the animal really hypnotic?
    The performance in the video is roughly like this. Some of the hypnotic masters took out a small animal and fiddled with it on the stage for a while. 'Hypnosis'. After that, the hypnotist moved a little animal, and it immediately jumped again, as if 'hypnotic' was lifted. This looks very magical. It seems that the "hypnotic master" has a deep skill and hypnotize animals. Is this really the case? Now we give him a bottom. This is actually a physiological reaction of animals. When they feel that they are about to be in danger of life, they will enter a state of fake death. In fact, it is a super simple thing. Here is how this phenomenon is realized, and you can also do such hypnosis.

    For poultry such as chickens, pigeons, you can hold it first, and then gently press her head under the wings of her head, cover it with my hand, turn it over, the abdomen faces up, gently, lightly, and light Rubber a few times, and then let go slowly, it can't move, as if I fell asleep, go back to test a few times, and soon you can find this "hypnosis' trick.

    For the little rabbit, you first need to touch its head for a few minutes. When it is enjoying it, then suddenly reverse it, let the little rabbit's limbs facing up, and bring its two ears. Separate, it will enter a state of fake death.

    is the same for frogs. Holding its head with your hands, gently put it on the ground, his limbs facing up, he dare not move, and play her gently. Immediately turned over and jumped ...

    The strict sense, this cannot be called hypnosis. Because this is quite different from the hypnosis of the hypnotist. In the above process, animals just feel threatened and dare not move, which inspires a physiological fake death reaction, but it seems to be asleep, not really hypnotized. In this state, animals can not obey other hypnotists' other other hypnotists’s other’s other of hypnotist’s other. You can't do other actions, let alone treatment

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