3 thoughts on “Why do dogs sterilize”

  1. Give the bitch sterilizer is that the dog owner may not have time to take care of the puppy, and give the male dog sterilization, most of which are because of the emotional irritability of the male dog in the estrus period, strong aggressive, and easy to bite. So the dog owner is sterilized for the dog.

  2. In fact, the purpose of giving dogs and other small animals is to prevent him from breeding offspring. because. Dogs and other animals. Breeding offspring. There are several nests. Some people don't want to raise it. One is enough. There may be no delivery. Humanitarian destruction will be mentioned again. It's better to give it sterilization.

  3. Many people like pet dogs in our daily life, and they are also very common in everyone's life. But many people do not know that after the dog is raised at a certain age, the owner of the dog will almost take the dog to the hospital for sterilization surgery. So why do you have sterilizers for the dog? Come and listen to what the veterinarian says!

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