4 thoughts on “As a novice, how to choose a Corgi dog? What are the main points of buying?”

  1. When buying, you must pay attention to the bloodline. Pure dogs are healthier, less genetic diseases, and easier to raise. We can let the merchant present the relevant blood certificate, because as long as the dog's parents are pure -species Corgi, the dog's puppies are naturally pure. Of course, when we choose a pet store that purchases technology, we must choose some pet shops with good reputation, because some pet shops with poor word of mouth may be charged in the secondary and make some counterfeit certificates. went.
    It also understand whether the hair is abnormal when buying. Whether the hair is smooth or not can actually reflect the health of the dog and whether there is a parasite, but in general, there are few parasites in dogs in pet shops, but you can learn whether the dog is from the hair. healthy. Healthy dogs, bright hair, shiny, soft and fluffy. For some unhealthy dogs, the hair must not be so good, it is easy to collapse, and even no gloss and dim.
    In carefully to check the dog's limbs and appearance, and understand whether there are malformations. If the dog has deformity, it means that when the dog is developing, it must be affected to a certain amount. For some dogs with deformities, then you should choose carefully, because there may be other genetic diseases that are likely to exist. Although these problems will not occur in a short period of time, once it appears, it is not easy to deal with it. So avoid some developed dogs.
    In observing the mental state of the dog. For dogs with a good and active mental state, you can choose. The mental state is also a point that cannot be ignored. A better mental state shows that the dog is relatively healthy. Only a healthy dog ​​will be more naughty. The dogs who are sick and even poor are often not very good. It ’s not good, and I do n’t take the initiative to show goodness to people, so it will definitely feel very troublesome when raising.

  2. When choosing Corgi as a novice, you must pay attention to some relevant information to check the scientific and technological rights. Some of the characteristics must be asked carefully and carefully to observe it. Whether the dog is healthy and whether the dog is similar to the insects you know. Pay attention to the price of the dog and some personality habits.

  3. I think it is the most important thing to choose according to your preferences. The most important thing for raising animals is the eye fate. Choosing one is more beautiful. It is very important to meet your eyes. You must pay attention to your physical condition and pay attention to the hair.

  4. You can look at the hair color of technology, you can look at the eyes, you can also look at the overall shape, you can also look at Corgi's ears, or you can see the overall figure proportions.

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