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  1. Golden hair dogs (details introduction)
    The people have such a saying: dogs can not change to eat shit, it is called "fecal disease" from the perspective of a doctor. Many people are difficult to understand for some quirks of dogs.
    This feces are a headache for the owner. Especially when slipping in front of the dog, the owner may feel embarrassed. Symptoms are the stools of other dogs, and the stools of alien feces to eat other animals include people. The causes of this disease are divided into behaviors and internal disease diseases. Different treatment methods are different.
    The reasons for behavior:
    1 1. Mother -sex behavior:
    The where the puppy will lick the puppy genitals and anus after giving birth to the puppy. This can also prevent the smell from leaking to avoid hunting by other animals, which is normal motherhood behavior.
    2. The behavior of imitation:
    The owner often clean up the places where the dog house and their lives live. Learning to eat is an imitation behavior.
    3. Inappropriate punishment:
    This or dogs after the dogs or bite or destroy things after the urine, causing the dog's heart to be afraid, so after the stool, he was afraid of being punished by the owner and eaten the feces when he was punished. Evidence.
    4. Replacement behavior:
    This is a kind of nature. Some special flavors in the feces are liked by dogs, and the fermented excretion of herbivorous animals is very attractive. Eat your own or other stools to replace it when you go to such excretion.
    5. Cause the attention of the owner:
    This dogs eat shit because of the internal medicine disease, the owner's punishment is noticed. Continue to pay attention.
    6. Class hegemony behavior:
    It -order dogs may eat high -end shit in the group to surrender
    7. Feeding habits:
    Some dogs need to have a day a day. After eating a few meals, after changing to a meal a day, we can eat hunger, which causes such a habit.
    The cause of internal disease disease:
    1. Insufficient external secretion of pancreatic
    2. Gastrointestinal parasites
    3. Evergright growth in gastrointestinal tract
    4. Inflammatory intestinal tube Diseases
    5. Giant food or esophageal stenosis
    6. Eat dietary imbalance, for example, eat too much fat
    7. Drug causes such as: Barbich salt, lutein, steroids and other drugs
    8. hyperthyroidism of thyroid function
    9. Hypical adrenal function
    10. Diabetes
    11. Corconditis
    12. Lack of trace elements in the body

  2. Cool Pet.com:
    In animal nature, people who have taken care of puppies, kittens, and even children know that newly born small animals will not urinate by themselves, and they must rely on their mother to lick while urinating. In addition to keeping the environment clean, it can also prevent the taste from leaking, avoid hunting of other animals to protect its own safety. Therefore, as long as the dog feels a sense of threat, he often eats your feces to increase the sense of security. In addition, the dog itself foraged for food by super smell, and viewed whether these things can be eaten in a way of bite. Therefore, some dogs will define the flavor and food that can be eaten as food.
    If in terms of behavior reaction, the owner gives the dog incorrect training, it is easy to cause the dog to have an error response. The most common thing is that when the owner sees the dogs where the dog should not have a bowel movement, he often pulls the dog's head, pressing its nose to smell the stool, and then scold the dog to blame or even be assault. The owner thinks that This kind of action is to tell the dog not to stool; but for the dog, the owner may enter the door, see the stool, anger, catch him, the ending is scolded or beaten. The only way to think that the only way to avoid being scolded or beaten is annihilation of evidence-eating your own poop.
    Ist some animal owners will rush to clear their stools due to environmental hygiene when they finish their stools, but because the movements are too impatient, the dog mistakenly thinks that the owner wants to snatch its "treasure", or think that This is a game that caused the dog to eat first in order to compete with the owner.
    people saw the response of dogs when eating stool, so that the dogs have "highly noticed feelings". Therefore, some dogs take this way to achieve the purpose in order to become focus or attract the attention of the owner; However, there are also dogs who are purely bored to the extreme and want to find some fun, so use this method to discharge loneliness, which is most likely to occur on dogs that have been locked in the cage for a long time.
    It some dogs are caused by physiological reactions, especially when the dog digestion and absorption function has problems, the stools will contain a lot of nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates. Dogs will think it is food and eat it. In addition, if the dog has severe gastrointestinal parasites, it will also affect the absorption of the gastrointestinal and intestines, causing insufficient nutrient absorption, so that the stool contains a lot of nutrients, and the dog will certainly be regarded as food.
    If the dog's nutrition is uneven, the behavior of eating stool may occur when hungry. Some owners follow the suggestions of dog vendors or others, only feeding dogs a meal a day, or restricted food for dogs, so that the dog eats poop due to hunger, and if the food lacks fiber, salt, cobalt or phosphorus, Waiting for trace elements, the dogs cannot be unable to have some nutrients, so they have to recycle their own stools to obtain nutrients.
    This to eat poopes, or it may be caused by internal medicine, most of which are related to digestive tract digestive and absorption function, such as insufficient external secretion of pancreas, gastrointestinal parasites, excessive growth of intestinal bacteria, and enteritis. In addition, chronic abdominal pain caused by pancreatitis, peritonitis, and gastritis, or abnormal dietary behavior caused by hyperthyroidism, hypertrophic adrenal function, diabetes, etc. may also cause dogs to eat stool.

  3. Dogs are a disease, which is caused by the lack of trace elements for feces.
    In you go to the pet supplies store to sell some pets for pets for pets to feed the dogs for eating dogs; or if the dog is good, you do not clean up in time. In fact, the dog loves cleanliness. The environment is very sensitive; of course, there is another reason that the spread of the poop contains a lot of parasites or other diseases through the stool, so the dogs are in order to prevent the health of other dogs and bring convenience to their owners ( The owner does not need to clean it) so he is willing to choose to eat himself.

  4. The way animals absorb nutrients from foods are different from humans. The nutrients contained in the feces they excreted may be exactly what other dogs lack. Moreover, animals' views on excrement are also very different from us humans. In their opinion, whether they eat food or feces, they are absorbing the nutrients needed by the body.
    A, as the owner, you cannot jump like a thunder because of the dog's feces
    The cannot hit it. You should find something that it needs more to replace the feces and let it change this habit

  5. There are actually many reasons for dogs to eat dung
    The first is because he has bugs in his body
    It you go to pet hospital or animal epidemic prevention station to buy him a few pills to make him bugs, and there are and there are and there are and there are and there are still, and there are and there are also, and there are and there are and there are. It is because the dog is born to eat poop. This habit may not be able to change him. The third is because the dogs have such a natural nature and are afraid of being punished by the owner, so they quickly eat the stool to destroy evidence. Don't be beaten or scolded.

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