3 thoughts on “Is the Zhoushan dog extinct?”

  1. In the past period of time, some people and boring people in the vaccine chain were maliciously exaggerated in the society, rendering rabies panic, disgusting the conclusions of the authoritative experts of rabies, and even blatantly denied that the popular science of the central media would not be chaotic.
    Bessh panic in the urban urban area of ​​China is completely scaring itself. The number of diseases every year is only one percent of a traffic accident. Just like a fast delisting Stock, it is speculated to become a popular stock. There are only 600 people across the country, and the vast majority of rural towns and towns in several epidemic areas (Guizhou, Yunnan, Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, etc.). In a urban area, there are less than one year to the end. lead to uproar. Some people have spoofed some of the thriller cases that completely violate scientific common sense. It just shows that the disease is actually far from us. Almost everyone and even doctors in the infectious department of hospitals have said that they have never seen such diseases in their lives in their lives in their lives. Essence
    The most ridiculous is that many doctors veterinaries are actually not afraid of this disease at all, but they are very serious to the patient for the exemption, but even exaggerated. When some doctors say to the patient, they have a long voice and a serious face. In fact, they are bitten by a dog. Under the premise of understanding that dogs are almost impossible to take poison, they are directly observed for 10 days. Understand the kind of on -time epidemic prevention in the city, the possibility of pet poisoning for scientific breeding is almost zero, and even it does not prevent sexual vaccination. Doctors who understand in the hearts of doctors who understand in their hearts are not afraid of being caught by pet cats and dogs. Many people who do not know about rabies have to die.
    So don't be afraid of dogs first, and the second, don't be afraid to raise pet dogs in the urban area. To add protein, this is the real risk). The disease is not terrible at all, and you can't think of it.
    By the way, I will give you a popular science: Cats and dogs are like humans. Only by biting by other crazy animals can be infected. The incubation period of cats and dogs is generally 1 month after the incubation period, and the limit is less than half a year. The dog is sure that he has not been bitten by other crazy animals for half a year, and directly eliminates the possibility of poison.
    It the risk of caught injury infection (must be drooling in the later stage of animal onset, fighting with other crazy animals, just licking the claws, etc., quickly grasp the talent infection before the nail tip trace saliva may be infected). The risk of infection is close to infinity, and there are no cases for many years. Therefore, even if it is a cat and dog from someone else's house, if it is raised by civilization in the urban area, it is not intentional to grab the injury when playing, or if you have a vaccine, you do not need to take it immediately. Essence

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