Is cats and dog coagulation faster than humans?

Is the dissolution of cats and dogs lower than people?
The coagulation is faster than humans?

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  1. Blood coagulation is a process of coagulant enzymes generated by the coagulation factor in a certain order in order to make fibrin original into fibrin. Blood coagulation is the process of activating the coagulation factors in a certain order, and eventually transforms fibrin into the process of fibrin, which can be divided into: formation of coagulanticases; formation of coagulantlase; three basic steps for formation of fibrin.
    The formation of coagulanticase original activation
    The coagulinase original activation is XA, V, CA2 , and PF3 (thirty factors, phospholipid on platelet membrane) The formation of formation requires the activation of factor x. Depending on the formation pathway and participation factors of coagulanticases, coagulation can be divided into two ways: endogenous coagulation and exogenous coagulation.
    (1) Endogenous coagulation pathway: Started by factor ⅻ activation. When the blood vessels are damaged and the endometrium collagen fiber is exposed, it can be activated to be ⅻA, and then the ⅺ ⅺA is activated. A activate ⅸa when CA2 exists, and ⅸa further activate X. The factors involved in coagulation in the above process all exist in plasma in the blood vessels, so they are named endogenous coagulation pathway. Due to the existence of factor 的A, the speed of ⅸA activation ⅹ is accelerated by 200,000 times, so factor ⅷ lacks the disorders of endogenous coagulation pathway, and slight damage can cause bleeding more. Clinically, it is called type A hemophilia.
    (2) Exogenous coagulation pathway: Started by the exposed factor exposed by the damage tissue with blood contact with blood. When the tissue damage the blood vessel rupture, the exposed factor Ⅲ forms a complex with the CA2 and ⅶ in the plasma to activate the factor ⅹ. Because the factor III of which starts the process is from the tissue of the vascular, it is called an exogenous coagulation pathway.
    This enzyme formation
    Under the action of coagulanticases, the active factor Ⅱ (coagulanticase) in the plasma is activated as active factor ⅡA and (coagonase).
    The formation of fibrin
    In the action of glycrase, the fibrin that is soluble in the plasma is originally transformed into a fiber protein monomer; The fibrin multi -polymer that is not soluble in water, and intertwined with each other into the net, ranging the blood cell mesh, forming a blood clot, and completing the blood coagulation process.
    The blood coagulation is a series of enzymatic biochemical reactions. There are multiple feedback effects in multiple places. Once it is started, it will be carried out quickly to ensure that the coagulation and hemostatic effect occurs in a short period of time.
    Therefore, it depends on the immune body to determine the depending on person.

  2. Is cats and dog coagulation faster than humans? This is not quite clear for the people. This can only be. People in hospitals and medicine can understand these things.

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