6 thoughts on “What are the specific methods of dnf blue cat shadow?”

  1. The shadow is the 35 -level skill title enchanting 1, the king of war 2, 75 fake purple totem 2, fashion top 1, the Spring Festival pet 1, left and right slot badge 2, the foundation of energy 9, so that level 17 is a pile of one piece, which is very very piled up. The limit is because of the energy 9, the effect of nine energy nine pieces is much greater than the effect of the first -class avatar. It is necessary to have an anniversary title, but it is not released this year, so basically counting the out of order

  2. Energy 9 Ancient Miracle Left Glores Level 1 75 Fake Purple Totem Level 2 Badgeal Badge 2 Fashion Level 1 Spring Festival Pet 1st anniversary title 3, no anniversary titles or 3s cannot pile up the limit shadow.

  3. Energy 9 Grade 2 Shadow Shadow King of War Top 2 Shadow Olca Black Wolf Totem 2 Shadow Anniversary Title 3 Shadow Pet Level 1 Shadow

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