4 thoughts on “Where is the Hangzhou pet cat market? What should novices pay attention to?”

  1. Hey, baby, Hangzhou's cat market, pet shops, you can go to the map to find. In fact, buying cats is very experienced. If you do n’t understand cats and do n’t have this experience in this area, you will not distinguish cat traffickers, it is easy to be fooled and buy high -priced cats. My elder brother spent 5,400 yuan 3 months ago and bought a Garfield. Later, he watched a video with a friend: Hangzhou bought a pet tutorial at a low price, only to find that in fact, his Garfield cat was not worth 5,400 yuan at all. I really want to buy it, and I only want to buy it for 1500 yuan. My elder brother was not understood because he didn't understand the cat. Therefore, if you want to buy cats in Hangzhou, if you don't be pitted, you must watch this video. I will not talk nonsense, I hope you can buy a cat that has to be obedient, come on hahahaha.

  2. Where is the Hangzhou pet cat market? What should novices pay attention to? Hangzhou arrives. Pet cat. There are novices selling in the pet market. You need to pay attention to what he must pay attention to his hygiene and health, and what needle or something is needed. Do this hygiene. Enough.

  3. Which novice in Hangzhou pet cat market needs to pay attention to what Hangzhou pet cat market is not far from Hangzhou city. Novice should pay attention to observing whether the cat's movement is healthy.

  4. What the novice to buy a cat is to pay attention to seeing whether the mother cat is his cat's body is healthy. The second is to see what you bought. Is there a regular environment for shop cat shops, and is there any qualified cat right?

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