3 thoughts on “How can we turn wild cats into pet cats”

  1. Generally, if the wild cat you caught is old, or if you have been outside for a long time, it is not easy to become a cat, because it is accustomed to life outside, and you will always want to go out. If you put it, you can every day. To feed it, if you really want to raise it at home, you have to prepare psychological preparations. Take it to get an injection first. I took it home. It turned out that two were used to get used to it outside. Why not stay at home and call it every day ~~ I do n’t eat it, I will put it, but I will feed it. Some cats are born. I'm afraid of people, let's take my family cat, for example, the wild cats that I have brought back are good. The animals are like people. There are those who love but also those who do n’t like to care about it ~~ Like my family Cat, just don't know what is hungry to ignore people, ha ha ~~~

  2. Tame it well, gentle, get used to it, it will be good, give it more tickle, touch it more, if it is unwilling to force, don’t shout to look directly at its eyes

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