2 thoughts on “Where is the Changsha pet cat market?”

  1. I don’t know the special cat market, but there are a lot of cats selling cats. You can find it on the map. The main thing is not to buy it. To the high price Garfield. Before my sister Tingting, I didn't understand anything. I bought a puppet cat in Changsha and spent 6,500 yuan. Later, I accidentally watched a video, named: Changsha low -cost pet tutorial. After my sister watched this video, she discovered that this puppet was actually only 2300 yuan. It was wasted for 4200 yuan. Therefore, if you want to buy cats in Changsha, you must watch this video, so as not like my sister Tingting, it is obviously only 2,300 yuan cat, but it costs 6,500 yuan. Well. I don't talk much about anything else, I hope my answer will really help you.

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