5 thoughts on “What should I do if my cat has a kitten at home?”

  1. Because grandma has been feeding, the cat has regarded it as her own home
    Il is the age of the kitten? Maybe you can buy the flea, help the kitten to remove the flea
    The medicine of insects can also help the kitten prepare
    , so I think, cats should be difficult to leave Luo by themselves!

  2. Then you often harass the kitten and play kitten
    Sm female cat will feel unsafe, so you will take the kitten to other places

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a pet doctor Xing Huanxia. I have clinical experience for more than ten years. The veterinarian qualification certificate is numbered. Please describe the pet species, age, deworming, sterilization, and problems encountered. Reminder: On Baidu, you can only send six times to send a roller. You can only send six times to say, please describe the situation you want to know in detail every time you talk, and pay attention to the number of times to avoid helping you solve the problem.nI have seen your problem, and I am sorting up for you. It takes some time. Please wait patiently!nAsk the cat to give birth, there is a blisters on the buttocksnWhen the cat's mother starts delivery, the normal situation can be delivered smoothly without manual delivery. On the contrary, inappropriate interference affects the mother's childbirth. If the cat's childbirth disorder is observed, the necessary help should be given. If the amniotic fluid has not broken and the amniotic fluid has not lost, it indicates that the delivery has just begun. Don't rush to help at this time. After the baby cat is born, under normal circumstances, experienced cat mothers will usenThe question has been working hard, but I just don’t come outnAnswer the experienced cat mothers will tear the sheep film with their teeth, bite the umbilical cord, lick the mucus on the baby's baby with my tongue, and breastfeed the cat baby. If the cat mother gave birth for the first time, without experience, and not to care for her baby, at this time, the owner should help cut off the umbilical cord, dry the mucus in the mouth of the cat's mouth and nose, and clean the body surface to prevent the baby from getting cold. And put the baby cat in a dry and warm cat's nest.nDon't care for the time being, for more than two hours, you need to go to the hospitalnQuestioning has not had a kitten yet, there is a blisters on the buttocks,nIt's almost an hournThere is no pet hospital here, what do I need to do to help it?nAnswer you can wait againnIf the kitten does not show up, there is no way to helpnAsk the blisters, can't you be artificially broken?nAnswern12 morenBleak

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