Where can Nanning sell cats and dogs?

Where can Nanning sell cats and dogs? Do not want the flower and bird market, it is a sick cat and dog.
It sometimes the website of the empty network?

4 thoughts on “Where can Nanning sell cats and dogs?”

  1. There is a dog farm over Sandang, but I don't seem to see a cat. Essence
    In on time and space, there are also information about cats and dogs. Essence

  2. Pet -class cats and dogs are on time and space. Sometimes there are people who want to send it.
    It those who do not go online, find those pet shops. Generally, there are more dogs.
    buy ordinary cats and go to the street people. Those who open the small sales department have cats. They basically know that basically a few dollars.

    In the pet park or pet transaction version ~
    Is to really treat your pets sincerely, share simple happiness and happiness together ~

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