4 thoughts on “Where can I have a regular cat pet shop in Shanghai?”

  1. Maybe everyone's opinion is different. I am not coming to comment right or wrong, but I just feel that I can understand my sincerity and do not have to give me a point.
    It since I like it, why should I still care about blood? Do you have additional conditions? If one day TA becomes old and ugly, it is not cute enough. If you find that the blood of TA is not so pure, will you abandon TA? Like human beings, it is not what kind of family and blood is born. Those abandoned meows, with their rest of their lives, don't understand why the owner should not be ta. The owner also liked to caress me very much, and promised to take care of me for a lifetime!

    First of all, I sincerely hope that every cat lovers can buy with adoption instead of purchases. Often the hybrid varieties are more smart, providing them with a home, warm each other, and live together. I believe you will also be able to live together. Happy.

    Secondly, I really recommend not buying folding cats. This is a very sad species created by humans, and their existence does not conform to the laws of nature. Almost all folding -ear cats carry genes of skeletal genetic diseases, most of which will develop disease and pain. If in a natural state, due to this genetic defect, this species should have been extinct long ago, which is another example of human beings interfered with nature.
    "Don't think that the seated position of the folding cat is very cute, in fact, it is caused by the stiffness of their hind limbs, or pain when they flex." And the genetic problems, the drug cannot be solved. Each folding ear cat is doomed to the end of the pain and death as soon as it was born.

    If you love cats, I believe you must understand the value of life more, respect every life, thank you!

  2. Generally, cats have a certain health standards, and they are the same in any cat pet shop.
    The my friend works in CICI's meow cat pet shop. The bloodlines are pure. She said that a healthy cat should meet a few requirements:
    1. The eyes are bright, no crying, no secretion, no secretion There is no inflammation;
    2. It is smooth and soft, soft skin, no bald spots, lumps, and no red skin;
    3. Strong, pink, no ulcers;
    4. The anal and external genitals should be cleaned, without secretions, and there should be no feces on the nearby hair;
    5. The body muscles should be solid and developed. Raw rash. Don't choose a kitten with runny nose and tears;
    is the physiological indicator of normal cats:
    On body temperature: 39 degrees Celsius range: 38-39.5 ℃
    -30 times)
    : 130 times/minute (120-140)
    The best environmental temperature: 18-21 degrees (15-25 degrees)
    S safety maximum measurement: 7.7 ml/kg weight
    The blood of cats is important, but the health of cats is also very important.
    It needs to be judged by careful observation. Nose and body temperature are the simplest ways to judge. The owner of a cat should often do a healthy test for the cat, so that the cat has a healthy body.

  3. Agree with the statement upstairs, British and short beauty can also be acceptable. Do not buy folding cats. This cat ear is natural deformity. Bone is born from birth. Diseases, poor resistance. Cats are a very cute species. No matter what type of type is cute, it is an elf. I hope you think twice, don't just look at the appearance, but also depends on your physical condition.

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