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  1. One Piece
    Tonisy chopper (Tony Tony Chopper) is a character in the Japanese popular comic "One Piece". Qiaoba is a boat doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. The reindeer who eats the fruit of everyone. Everyone reindeer can use the blue wave ball for eight -segment body deformation. When it is praised, there is no way to cover up their emotions. Hold the wrong side, always sing with Usopp. For the exaggerated lies of others, the naive reindeer will be immediately believed. The benevolent of Joba is Dr. Hiruka, and the person who taught the life to Qiaoba is Dorrier. , Open the road to victory for partners.
    Name: Tonitony Joba
    Japanese: ト ニ ー ト チョ ッ パ ー
    English name: tonytony chopper

    pictures (3 photos)

    voice actors: Okiya Yujiang (Chapter 254-263 Yi Cang Yifei Class)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15 years old (17 years later)
    Birthday: December: December: December: December: December 24th (Ping An Night)
    Born: Great Channel Magnetic Drum Kingdom (now is the Sakura Kingdom)
    Height: 60cm (it will change with the transformation of the blue wave ball)
    Pirate Group

    Qiaoba (8 photos)
    Costume: Pirate, Ship doctor
    Capability: The reindeer ability who eats "everyone fruit"
    rewarding bounty : 50 Bailey
    The reward identity: pet Gauba, who likes marshmallow
    Featured: naive, cute, and proud (when you are praised, you will not be happy in your mouth, but the action is very happy ), Kindness and easily deceived; when you hide yourself, you will hide in the opposite direction (that is, the body), often holding Sauron's head and holding Sauron half to death.
    Is weaknesses: not good at hiding your own emotions, not swimming, sea building stone, sea water, domineering (the latter four are the common weakness of the capable person)
    favorite foods: chocolate, marshmallow, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets, sweets

    The fear: Nami, Dr. Greg (Qiaoba calls her "Dorrier Yin Niang")
    Eh people: Hilu Lu Ke (the godfather, doctors who adopt Choba), Dr. Greg (after the death of Hirruk, continue to adopt and teach medicine to Choba)
    The hated person: Hokbucks (playing with medical skills , Do not use it for life)
    Constellation: Capricorn [1]
    represents color: pink
    represents numbers: 06
    represents the country: Canada
    The taste on the body: medicine (Qiaoba itself is not clear)
    Dreams: Become a "universal medicine" (doctors who can be treated at all)
    The first appearance: 81 episodes of animation, comic 134 Episode 91

  2. "Reindeer who loves marshmallow" Tonitony Joba ()
    voice actors: Dagu Yujiang
    N Age: 17 years old

    The ship doctor Tony Tony Chopper (20 photos)
    (equivalent to 15 years old when playing)

    Back night)
    Cordon: Capricorn
    identity: Original Magnetic Drum Island Doctor → Straw Hat Pirates Ship Doctor.
    Hometown: Great route · Magneto Island (the country of winter islands, the country of cherry blossoms)
    Features: The reindeer in the blue nose, but it is often considered a civet cat. Walking and doing things (can still communicate with animals); always hide when encountering things, but unfortunately hiding (hiding the body on the outside) is afraid of being lonely, sometimes timid but always working hard to become stronger Essence Two years later, the hat was transformed, and the face of the human beast became edges and corners. The patterns of the beast shape are significantly larger, and the corners are larger. In the blue wave ball, the skin is much larger than the original. Back to the foam archipelago, admit my wrong partner, and mistake the fake Luffy as his partner, but it can be seen that it is simple, cute
    Height: change due to physical changes

    Qiaoba 2 years later 2 years later
    This taste: Drug odor
    The food that likes: marshmallow, chocolate, all sweet foods
    hobby: He likes things that children like, especially sweets, such as marshmallow.
    Special long: Medicine
    The most classic words: 1. No matter how you praise me, I will not be happy, you bastard! (Actually, I am very happy, dance in hand)
    2. (when someone falls down) Doctor! What about your doctor! Ah, I am a doctor! (Listen to the heartbeat)
    The most representative action: hiding in the direction when hiding (the body is outside)
    Demon fruit: the fruit of the animal
    Skills: I ate Blue Board After the ball, there are eight types of transformations: wrestling enhancement, wrist strengthening, fur strengthening, strengthening foot strength, brain strength, reinforcement of wrist strength, and softness (comic 614 episodes) Infinite enhancement (but very strong, kill CP9 in a spike). After strengthening the wrist force, the crosses of the hoof (the strongest move) have a diagnosis to find the weakness of the enemy after the brain is strengthened. However, after two years of exercise, except for the abnormality and strengthening, the remaining six reinforcements can already be separated from the blue wave ball and freely control it. Two years later, Choba can freely control the running form for 3 minutes, but it will be weak for 1 to 2 hours after use.
    Rumbo (Rumble): It is a drug invented by Choba that can disturb the deformation wavelength of the animal's demon fruit, but the effect is only three minutes. A total of seven deformation stages can be generated (ordinary only 3 stages of deformation). Because the blue wave ball is a fierce drug, only one can be eaten within six hours. When eating two, the body cannot deform at will. After eating three, it will cause excess capacity of the devil fruit. The eighth transformation of the infinite huge and huge has huge destructive power, but it has no self -awareness. If it is not pushed to the water in time, there will be life -threatening. Block (Comic 605)
    Reward: 50 Bailey (Judicial Island Incident)
    About the reward: Due to the judicial island incident, Qiaoba ate three blue waves in a row and occurred in a state of runaway. When chasing, Qiaoba just lay on the deck and did nothing, and the naval witnesses who had not lived before, coupled with their lovely appearance and the character of eating marshmallow, were mistaken for pets on board by the navy. Only 50 Bailey (once made Choba be hit).
    Qiaoba's master: Witch Dr. Kuriha

  3. The doctor and pet reindee of the Luffy Pirate Group in One Piece
    As for that kind of posture, it is the recent popular crooked neck style
    The author painted many anime characters into this posture

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