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  1. As follows:
    1, your own photos.
    It girl WeChat avatars can use their beautiful life photos, fresh and natural. Such girls generally have a very sunny personality, lively and cheerful, and confident.

    2, cartoon characters.
    In addition to using their own life photos and art photos, many girls also like to use cartoon pictures to make avatars, which is also very suitable. Girls who use cartoon pictures to make avatars often have a very innocent and childish side in their hearts, and they are generally very kind girls.

    3, small animals.
    It is also a very good choice to use small animals to make avatars, such as soft cute and cute little rabbits, little milk cats, etc. Women who use small animals to make WeChat avatars are often kind and loving.

    4, beautiful landscape photos.
    It is also a good choice to make WeChat avatars with beautiful landscape photos. Such girls are generally very connotative, beautiful, gentle and intellectual.

    5, childhood photos or children's photos.
    It girls like to use their childhood photos to make WeChat avatars, or use some very cute cute baby as avatars, because they are very cute. Such girls are generally very loving, tender and sad in their hearts.

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