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  1. The classification methods of cat varieties are mainly as follows: First, it is divided into home cats and wild cats according to the living environment. The second is from the perspective of variety cultivation, divided into purebred cats and hybrid cats.
    So far, there are 71 varieties certified by the International Cat Association. There is no scientific appraisal and naming of cats in my country. Therefore, there are very few domestic cat varieties, and it is relatively messy. Cat varieties are common: Chinese pastoral cats, British blue cats, Russian blue cats, American rolling cats, American Gangcats, Oriental Cats, Konis Rolling Cats, British short hair cats, Persian cats, Siamese cats, Scotland, Scotland Fold -ear cats, Bali cats, American short -haired cats, exotic short -haired cats, Singaporea cats, Sphinx cats, Myanmar cats, Russian blue cats, puppet cats, Saudi cats, and so on.

  2. There are many types of cats, which can be roughly divided into foreign varieties and local varieties.
    The foreign cats that are most raised at present are British short -haired cats and American short -haired cats. In addition, there are Garfield cats, Siamese cats, puppet cats, and folding ears. Furthermore, the cat's variety is still relatively complicated, including British short blue and white, blue and white, silver gradient, British short -fold ears, beautiful short -fold ear, golden gradient, short -term long hair, beautiful short hair and so on.
    too much!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question, and you are sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~ within about three minutes ~nEgyptian cat: Egyptian cats have leopards like leopards. Chinese raccoon cat: Chinese raccoon cat, generally called civet cat. American short -haired cat: It is a improved variety combined with the native cats and European cats in the American continent. Puppet cats: The puppet cats are relatively large and weight. British short -haired cat: round body, short limbs. Siamese cat: has a good personality, but smart

  4. The following is a variety of common cats:
    1, Egyptian cat: The biggest feature of Egyptian cats is that there will be obvious leopard patterns on the body. The name of "small leopard".
    2, Bomira cat: Also known as Bomera, it is a descendant of Jinjira and Myanmar cats. Personality is more lively and cute, and it is relatively easy -going. It is relatively cold.
    3, Chinese raccoon cat: Have you ever heard that the raccoon cat has heard of the prince? It is him, the Chinese raccoon cat, generally called a civet cat. It is said that it is particularly powerful to catch the mice, but now the cat does not catch the mouse. After all Can you still get a good cat?
    4, American short -haired cat: referred to as beautiful short. It is a modified variety combined with European cats with European cats. It was once selected as the best variety in the United States.
    5, puppet cat: Also called Brador, but I still like to call him puppets, and I always feel cute. The puppet is relatively large and heavier. The friends who raise the puppet must be prepared for psychological preparation.
    6, British short hair cat: British short. The short body shape is round, the limbs are relatively short, and they will be "dwarfed and round" without paying attention, so. Promise me, cann't he dislike him when he grows up?
    7, Siamese cat: At first glance, it looks a bit like a dog. Don't do this, people can only afford the palace aristocracy in Thailand more than 200 years ago. Personality is relatively good, but smart and wise, understanding, is also very funny.
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  5. Siam, British short, beauty and so on.
    Aergia cats are the world's famous short -haired cats and the representative variety of short -haired cats. Race is native to Siam, hence the name Siamese cat. More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised in the palaces and temples of Thailand alone, and was a nobleman who did not leave home. Siamese cats can better adapt to the owner's local climate, and their character is strong, witty and flexible, curious, and understand. British short -haired cats British short -haired cats have a fat body, short limbs, short and short, short and dense, large and round head, gentle and calm, friendly to people, and easy to raise. Large and round eyes present various colors depending on the hair. As an ancient cat variety, its history can be traced back to the ancient Roman cats. Due to the long history of breeding, it can be called a model of the cat family. In addition to the fixed ear distances and representative genetic characteristics, British short -haired cats are rich in variability, such as the color of the back hair color. More importantly, after a wide range of breeding history, this cat has a healthier body and a more tamed personality. The American short -haired cat is a kind of cat native to the United States. Its ancestors were cats brought to North America in early European immigrants and were similar to British short -haired cats and European short -haired cats. American short -haired cats are well -proportioned, powerful, and lively. Children's short -haired cats are round head and round brain, and the soft feel and flexible limbs are very flattering.
    This cats can regulate the interest of life. Each of our lives are not all colorful. Most people live a boring two -point life. At this time, a cat can bring you a lot to you a lot pleasure.

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