5 thoughts on “What does it mean to dream that cats talk to me and feel very close”

  1. There is no sign, just a dream. If you force a omen, you can only say that you may fall in love with the creature of cats from the bottom of your heart. Cats and people "speaking" are a manifestation of close relationship, because the character of a cat is too cold.
    Cats are generally very independent creatures. For them, human beings are just a "two -legged beast" who is responsible for eating and drinking Lazara. Communicate with humans at home. If they communicate with humans, then it means that the relationship between the two parties is getting closer. In a less appropriate metaphor, "the girl you pursue has a little response to you." This "girl" of course refers to cats.

    It considering that dreams are often real feedback. Considering that cats do not really speak. Based on these two factors to judge, it is obvious that humans are very concerned about cats in their hearts in the near future, so that the brain has received a lot of information about cats. This information includes "language". Of course, this language does not refer to "cat language", but information that the cat’s behavior, crying, and posture feedback. This information is given some kind of representative reality after the brain processing. Meaning, so the brain subconsciously believes that cats are "talking".
    For example, when people call cats, if they call "Mimi", the cat will respond to "meow". The processing of this section of information in the human brain is: "Where are you?" "I am here." And it is likely to represent the cat's brain consciousness: Mimi (name)! What (what is the cat's response)?

    Humans do not know the cat's thoughts, they only use their own understanding to explain the cat's behavior. When the behavior of the cats received enough, and the explanation of them in their hearts is enough, the information is naturally revealed when sleeping at night, and it will form a "dialogue" consciousness in the brain. To put it plainly, all this is actually the human brain is passionate!
    Interestingly, dreaming of a cat has no sign, you can only say that you may have a lot of communication with the cat recently.

  2. Cats are spiritual things, indicating that your recent intuition will be more sensitive and more doubtful. On the other hand, cats are yin, and generally the psychic will contact the cat. The environment is good or bad,
    If it is very close to you, don’t worry, after all, dreams are just dreams, don’t think about it

  3. The businessman dreamed of the cat's speech: heralding a downturn in the recent business, reminding the dreamer to invest in financial investment to avoid major losses.

    Men dreamed that cats speak: indicate that the dreamer's career will encounter strong competitors, reminding the dreamers not to be afraid and calmly respond.
    The employees dreaming that cats will speak: indicates that wealth will be recovered, which may receive funding from family members, or they may increase expenditure due to family affairs. Investment involving real estate has more profit opportunities.
    asking scholars to dream that cats will speak: indicate that the academic performance of the dreamer will improve, but continue to work hard and not proud

  4. You may have a girlfriend. The cat who talks to you may be your future girlfriend. You and the cat are very close, indicating that you care about your girlfriend you want to associate.

  5. It's just a dream, don't think too much. Many people like to raise cats and make pets. They say that there is something in the day and nights, probably because you hides a cat to accompany you.

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