Hubei will be banned from raising fierce dogs and large dogs. What are the specific regulations?

3 thoughts on “Hubei will be banned from raising fierce dogs and large dogs. What are the specific regulations?”

  1. Recently, Hubei Province issued the "Hubei Provincial Animal Epidemic Prevention Regulations (Amendment)", which stipulates that raising fierce dogs and large dogs will be banned. The breeding pets are randomly abandoned outside the door. If a breeder abandon his pet randomly at random, it will be fined 1,000 yuan or less. In their behavior, there were many breeders who bought pets for a while, during the process of breeding pets, and abandoned them halfway, and abandoned them on the road so that there were many stray cats or stray dogs in the city.
    This pets that were wandering outside lived a very miserable life. They begged others outside, and some could not find pets that kind people gave food. Eating poisonous foods leads to the danger of death. Some of the former pets will freeze to death in the cold weather. Such a scene after scenes appear in our lives, creating such a tragedy The people who once loved these pets who had loved them again did not consider the pets of pets in the future.
    The also some breeders like to raise some large dogs or fierce dogs. If this dog only appears in the community where people live, it is likely to bring neighbors or people living in the community to bring Come to safety hazards, some breeders think that the large pets they raise are more obedient, so they never tie the dog chain when walking the dog. After this policy, these incidents will not happen again in the future, and hopes to buy pet breeders will be kind to these pets.

  2. 1. If you leave the house with only a dog, you should wear a dog brand and bump dog chain traction in accordance with the regulations to remove the dogs excrement in time; enter the closed space or dense places of personnel in the elevator, you should wear a mouth cover for dogs or will the dogs. Put in dog bags and cages to prevent dogs from hurting people and spreading epidemic.
    2. Forbidden to abandon breeding dogs and cats. The people's governments at or above the county level shall organize the work, wandering, wandering, non -master, confiscated dogs and cats of dogs and cats. It is forbidden to raising fierce dogs and large dogs, and special dogs are managed in accordance with relevant national regulations. If the breeding dog is abandoned, the dog raising agency will accept the dogs and be fined more than 1,000 yuan or less than 5,000 yuan.
    3. Reports on animal epidemics and the control of animal epidemic, the quarantine and harmless treatment of animal and animal products.

  3. At present, the Hubei Jiaming order is prohibited from raising fierce dogs and large dogs. Because these all attacks on the human body are very large and are harmful, this move is wise.

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