3 thoughts on “How to train cats to not catch people?”

  1. Cats
    Cat slaves should have experienced the experience of being caught by the cat. The cat is happy. Maybe if you accidentally touched her and the sensitive nerves, then how should we train the cat and let let the cats let the cats let the cats so let Try not to hurt people?
    . Water spray
    The cat is afraid of water. If the cat obviously sends an attack on you, you can spray the water to stop it. Think of it.
    . Roll
    Although the cat does not understand the content of our speech, it can hear the changes in the tone and tone of our speech. If the cat initiates "offensive" to you, you must clearly scold He, and beat, warn him that this is wrong, so repeated, usually after a period of time, you can receive a good effect
    . Vision transfer
    If you have the conditions, you can raise two cats at home, so that when the owner is not at home, they will not be lonely, and they will not have the energy to attack people.
    . Volume
    In the cats to prepare some grinding rods, claws, toys, paper groups, etc. The instincts of cat animals will catch mice and will have certain aggressiveness. Use toys to let them vent. Satisfy the nature they like to bite.
    5. Cut your nails
    If the cats at home are accustomed to catching people and cannot change, the best way at this time is to cut nails! This can at least reduce pain.

  2. Don't do broken finger surgery! Intersection I just took my cat to do sterilization surgery yesterday. I heard that I could do broken finger surgery while doing sterilization anesthesia. I did n’t know about the operation of the finger. I thought it should be painless anesthesia. As a result, I never thought! After returning home, the anesthesia was invalidated and the cat hurts a few times! I didn't sleep in a while, and I kept crying, and the cat didn't like to be wrapped in gauze by my feet at all, and I was desperately opened. I was afraid that it was infected with the wound. This night, I kept bandaging him again, and it would flow a lot of blood! The small claws are purple. It is estimated that it is blood stasis inside. Looking at the beloved pet is so painful, I hate myself! I knew that surgery was like this, I would rather break all the furniture in the family! I admit that my ignorance hurts it, and I feel very guilty! I really want to tell all the owners of cats not to perform this operation! Cat's pain is unimaginable! real!

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