How can there be a pet market in Daxing District, Beijing?

Where can I sell kittens on Daxing Huangcun? I live in No. 2 Middle School, that is, Binhe East, how do I go?

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  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer, Beijing Daxing District Pet Market Yashan Pet Flower Birds, Bird, Fish, Fish, Tiangongyuan Street, Yongwang Road, No. 156 Pet Market, Building No. 15nYashan Little Pet Flower, Birds, Fish, Fish and Worm Merchants Type Pet Market, the area where the pet market is located, Beijing, Daxing District, Daxing District, Tiangongyuan Street, Tiangongyuan Street No. 1, No. 156n1) Flower, birds, fish and insect pets. Address: G1 Fu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. (2) Flower, bird, fish and insect pet shop. Address: 50 meters southeast of the intersection of Kaimen Road and Majiabao Middle Road. (3) Pet shop (Caoqiao Market Store). Address: No. 1, East Gate of Caoqiao Market, Fengtai District, Beijing. (3) Jiajia Pet Products (Guan Yuan Commodity Wholesale Market). Address: 2nd floor of Chegongzhuang Street 4C Guanyuan Small Commodity Wholesale Market. (4) Dasheng pet farm. Address: Zuo Emperor Road, Daxing District, Beijing. (5) Pet pet (Beijing Tuanli Jungle Market Store). Beijing pet supplies wholesale market. Address: 20 meters west of Junyue Car Friendship House in Lvyuan Second Street and driving school in Tongzhou District. (6) Pet mink (Zizhuqiao Store).nI hope the above answers are helpful to you. If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~ [Smile]nMore 2nBleak

  2. Jack Pet Park Park, Xueying Village, Pozozhuang Town, Daxing District, Beijing
    It these two places, I have been to these two places.

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