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  1. Cats are animals that are timid and are afraid of unfamiliar places. After changing new places, they need time to be familiar with. In the process, they may not eat, always call, etc., and can be familiar with the environment for a period of time. However, if a cat does not eat for several days, and it is accompanied by other situations such as vomiting, dilute, weakness, etc., you must take the cat to the hospital for examination in time to prevent the cat from being stressful due to a new environment but not timely in time, but you are not timely in time but you are not timely. Treatment leads to more serious situations.

  2. Hello,
    The cat is very insecure in the new environment. Therefore, it is normal for the cat to change the environment. As long as it is raised for a few days, it will start eating after it is familiar with the environment. You can feed it a little palatable grain or snacks to promote its appetite.

  3. What should I do if I do n’t eat a place? The kitten went to a strange place. Of course, he was afraid of fear. He could only scream me when he was familiar with him. When you see a stranger, you will be afraid. Put the food you eat, you can leave, don't care about it.

  4. What should I do if the kitten does not eat? In another place, he is unfamiliar and not used to this place, so he does not want to eat. You should give you the latest um of the kitten.

  5. Because it is unfamiliar with the new environment, I feel scared, don’t always stare at it, give it a cardboard box to make it feel security

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