What is the reason why cats always call at night

What is the reason why cats always call at night

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  1. Pet cats

    Cats often call in the middle of the night, which is a headache and angry thing. The cat's call makes the family unable to sleep, and even complained by neighbors. So why do cats call in the middle of the night, what should I do if they encounter this situation?
    The cats call in the middle of the night, maybe because of the estrus period. This is the normal physiological reaction of normal cats. When estrus, the cat's personality will become anxious. In order to attract the opposite sex, they will call and pee everywhere. In this case, the owner's anger and scolding are not used. And the owner should not treat cats like this.
    It to change this situation, you can perform sterilization surgery after the pet cat's normal estrus (of course, whether you really need sterilization surgery, the owner must consider it clearly). Facing the estrus cat, parents should better appease, the hospital's tolerance and broad attitude treats pet cats. When the cat passes through the estrus, it will not always call in the middle of the night.
    The cats call in the middle of the night, or it may be because it has developed bad living habits since childhood. Or sleep too much during the day, which leads to the abundant energy at night. In addition, cats are originally night -walking animals, and they will focus on the day during the day. At night, it starts to move, and jumping and calling are inevitable.
    It to avoid these situations, as the owner should pay attention to guidance and cultivate cats to develop good living habits when he was young. In the daytime, the owner can accompany the cat to interact more, make games, play some toys for cats, help cats consume its energy, so that it can sleep quietly at night instead of always calling.

  2. Is your cat a male cat or a female cat? how old are you? Are there any sterilization?

    The most common, most likely, the call is particularly loud, especially disturbing the people, it is a female cat in estrus!

    or now, did the environment and habits change before and now? For example, before you let it sleep in your bedroom, you do n’t let it go now, that is, it ’s unhappy. If you want to find you, you will call, even grab the door, and scratch the door.

    In short, cat screams either attract the attention of other cats or attract the attention of the owner ~ Or, that is, to intimidate each other, but this unlikely happening every night.

    haha, I hope it will be helpful to you

  3. Oops, for a 0 -point question, the one who can write such a large number of upstairs is really admired!
    Cats are estrus — meow ~~ Wow meow ~~~~

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the cats all the time at night, if it was not the kind of pathogen, it was estrus. After the estrus of the cat, the secretion of secretion of the secretion of the body in the body stimulates it to attract the male cat. After hearing the howling of the female cat, the male cat also responded. Generally, the screaming of the female cat is howling, and the kind of frightened one. The male cat is the kind of loud voice.nThe male cats will fight because of puppets and snatch food. At this time, there will be a low roar between the male cats, demonstrate the other party, and the injured screams will occur when you tear. There will be many cats in the place.nWhat else do you have? It is my honor to help you solve the problem. If my answer can help you, please click five little stars.n1 morenBleak

  5. Extremely lack of security.
    The new cats will only lack a sense of security in a new environment. At this time, it will keep calling. The owner can only give it time to slowly adapt. It's right.
    has no cat food in the cat's bowl. When hungry, it will always be called. The owner can put it an automatic feeder so that it can be solved.
    The cats will always be called when they are in estrus. The best way is to do a sterilization for cats, so that the cat can always be called because of her estrus.

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