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  1. Turkish Vatican cat, English name: Turkish Van, native to Turkish, long and conformity, medium and long hair, white and bright hair, hair quality is very smooth as silk. Except for the head and tail of the whole body, there is no mixed hair except for the tail and the tail of the head and the tail. The head is wide wedge; the ears are small; the eyes are large oval. Turkish Vatican cats originated in the Vatican Lake area of ​​Turkey and changed from Turkish Angola cats. Strictly speaking, it is a product of Angra cat.
    Plash: Turkey
    Ancestral: Non -pure breed local cat
    Origin: 17th century
    medium length of limbs, strong physique, quite thick. Weight 3 to 8.5 kg.
    The valuable varieties of pet cats. Turkish Vatican cats are one of them. For hundreds of years, it has been loved by cat lovers all over the world.
    I is different from the cats that Turkish Vatican cats especially love to play with water, and they even go swimming in shallow water. The water on the body is easy to dry. When taking a bath in warm water, it will show great interest like a young child. It is lively and kind to others. In 1955, the cat -lovers in the UK saw the cats who were playing with water in Turkey and brought them back to breeding. They gradually reproduced and were certified by the International Cat Association. In 1969, they were recognized as an independent variety. The cat's appearance is very similar to Angola cats. She is smart, sensitive, lively, and likes to play and climb. The sound of calligraphy is sweet and friendly, and friendly to people is an excellent variety that is very suitable for family breeding.
    The origin of history
    Turkish Vatican cat originated in the Vatican Lake area of ​​Turkey and was mutated by Turkey Angola Cat. Strictly speaking, it was a product of Angra cat. It was introduced into the UK in 1955 and was recognized as an independent variety in 1969.
    Stime habit
    Stimeie is different from ordinary cats, Turkish Vatican cats like to play in the water. When taking a bath in warm water, they will show
    very much like children who are often bathing. interest. It is lively and kind to others.
    The morphological characteristics
    The Turkish Vatican cats have long and strong body, and the shoulder muscles are developed; the head is wedge -shaped, and the ears are mostly hair; The eyes are round and amber; the tail is long, and the hair is dense and golden brown.
    The Turkish Vatican cat has a dense, soft silk -shaped quilt, but there is no inner fluff like wool. It is completely comparable to the long
    of BT House in winter; The tone of the hair is white, and there are some golden brown patterns in the front of the ears; the tail also has dark color marks.
    The limbs: medium length, strong physique, quite thick. Weight 3 to 8.5 kg.
    head: medium to large. The length is at least equal to the width. Arc lines. There are no corners, no straight lines. High cheekbones. The kiss is plump and round. There is a slight eagle hook with a slight nose with exquisite nose. The boundary between the kiss and cheeks is quite obvious. The chin is slightly rounded.
    Ear: large, wide base, high position, slightly round ear tip.
    Eye: large, chestnut -shaped or walnut shape, the eye tip is slightly lifted. The eyelids are emphasized with pink. Color: blue, amber or different colors. Green can also be acceptable, but amber is better.
    neck: short and thick.
    The body: long, large, strong. The chest cavity surrounds the ribs is round. The hips are quite wide. The skeleton is large and the muscles are developed.
    legs and claws: moderate long. The hind legs are longer than the front leg. Bone is medium size and muscular. The claws are round. The hair between the toes is dense.
    tail: moderate long, thick, covered with thick hair, long fluffy. At least 5 cm long. The color of the entire tail is evenly distributed.
    The hair: half -length, soft, silk, and no woolen fluffy. The hair and pants hair in the winter are rich. Pure white quilt, reddish -brown or creamy symmetrical markings. The ear -based part is separated from the white flame pattern. The pattern of this arrangement method is called "Fanhu" pattern. The main colors that are recognized are: red clamps white, creamy clamps white.
    This color introduction
    Turkish Vatican cats do not allow hybrid varieties to be acceptable:
    1, milk yellow cats (milk yellow patterns and white chalk forming comparison. White surface spots have been stretched across the nose and divided the color zone on the head into two halves. The color zone on the head is limited to the eyes and cannot extend behind the ears. The ears itself is white, and the ears are pale pink. Milk yellow and may extend slightly up to the back.)
    2, reddish -brown cats (spotted patterns are very important, the reddish brown hair areas on the head are limited to the eyes and cannot extend behind the ears. The nose is white, clear vertical vertical White surface spots divide the reddish brown area in two halves, and the tail is also reddish brown.)
    Bad characteristics: The body appears more than three plaques. There is no flame pattern on the face. The spots are unevenly distributed. The tail began to start at the back too early.
    The characteristics of Turkish Vatican Cat: Special tenacious, good environmental tolerance, very lively, and swimming. Despite being considered aggressive, after the efforts of breeding experts, the behavior of this variety has become very friendly, especially for other cats. Independence personality, playfulness, strong personality, and rich feelings, often show possessive desire to the owner. It is a very good partner, a slightly loud voice. Can adapt to apartment life. But there is a large courtyard with a water environment. Slowly growing, 3 to 5 years to complete adulthood. The hair can be sorted out once a week, and the number of times in the early summer hair removal season needs to be appropriately increased.

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