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  1. The anti -theft door is very important in our lives, and the impact on our lives is also very great. The anti -theft door not only has anti -theft function, but also protects our privacy. In recent years, there have been more and more types of anti -theft doors on the market, and more and more brands of anti -theft doors have also been. As the latest domestic rising security brand Wanjia anti -theft door, it is currently very recognized by everyone, but Many friends are not very familiar with Wanjia's anti -theft door, so I will tell you about the knowledge about Wanjia's anti -theft door.
    What is the Wanjia anti -theft door

    Wanjiajia anti -theft door brand introduction
    The China Wanjia Group is a modern enterprise group that integrates, investment, import and export trade, and real estate Essence The company has a factory manufacturing area of ​​500,000 square meters, with more than 36,000 employees. The manufacturing industry leading products are security products such as anti -theft doors, fire doors, steel and armored doors, indoor doors, and anti -theft locks.

    Wanjia anti -theft door quality — the scale of production base
    Wanjia anti -theft door main products include "Wanjia" brand anti -theft safety door, luxury cast aluminum door, art stitching door and art stitching door and artistic stitching door Solid wooden doors and other products. Wanjia's modern international gate industrial park covers an area of ​​more than 300 acres. It has several factories such as steel -made anti -theft doors, anti -theft doors, solid wood doors, and stainless steel. In 2003, the company added a newly -lacquered -free project project, and the products were more inclined to diversify. At the same time, the introduction of multiple international advanced technology automatic production lines, with "modern, green, ecological, international" as the design concept, is the leading and international first -class door industry port.

    The quality of anti -theft door — see quality word -of -mouth
    Wanjia anti -theft door with excellent product quality, excellent brand reputation, sound sales network, Wanjiamen industry industry, Wanjiamen industry industry The products of the limited company have been selling well for many years, and they are exported to Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Sales have always ranked among the top in the industry.
    Wanjia's anti -theft door quality — look at brand honor
    "Wanjia" trademark has been identified as a well -known trademark, Zhejiang brand -name product, China Quality Service Credit AAA -level enterprise, heavy contracts to keep credit units and excellent enterprises, More than 100 rewards and honors such as the famous trademarks in Luzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The quality of Wanjia's anti -theft door has become a new benchmark for Chinese gatekeepers to create a famous brand. Wan Jia takes "becoming a respected high -end brand" as the corporate vision, and "opening the beauty of life" as the corporate mission, implementing the values ​​of "love life, pay attention to family, respect sharing, and people -oriented". , Leading industry brand development.

    The quality of defense door of Wanjia — see design technology
    Wanjia anti -theft door adopts patented design, combines Taiwan's advanced technology, hidden anti -pillers, bumpy door -shaped, door fans, door fans, door fans Anti -prying on all sides, tightening on all sides, the combination of beauty and anti -pry, opening flexibility, comfortable feel, sound insulation, dustproof, and fire prevention. The materials are all first -class galvanized plates with national standards, hand -made paint on the surface, unchanged color for 10 years, and 220 degrees high temperature treatment, and then covered with high -grade metal paint.
    The above is what I said to you about Wanjia's anti -theft door. I hope everyone can better understand Wanjia's anti -theft door after reading our article. Wanjia's anti -theft door is very popular in our lives, and he is also our new domestic anti -theft door brand. In addition, Wanjia's anti -theft gate has also stepped out of the country, selling in Europe, the United States, Indonesia, the Middle East and other regions. The performance of Wanjia's anti -theft door and his price are very good. When you buy, you can consider Wanjia's anti -theft door.

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