Where is the most suitable brick -tile factory within our country? What are the main areas of my country's brick and tile factory? What is the recent policy of the country's brick and tile factory?

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  1. China's clay brick tile and building block manufacturing industry Top 100 enterprise development analysis reports/yjbg/feijsk/L/200706/5098
    China clay brick tile and building block manufacturing industry Top 100 enterprise development analysis reports

    The first part of the clay brick tile and building block manufacturing industry
    A analysis of macroeconomic operations
    . macroeconomic environment
    . Industry policy environment r

    The second section of clay bricks and building block manufacturing industries
    . The overall development status of the industry at this stage
    . Industry operation of major economic data statistics
    1. Industry economic status
    2. Industry cost analysis
    3. Industry capital operation status
    4. Industry operating benefits

    Section 3 clay bricks and building blocks and building blocks The distribution of enterprises in the manufacturing industry and the main market analysis
    . The main distribution of the industry companies
    . The main market distribution of the industry

    Analysis of the operating status of key enterprises in the industry
    The key enterprise name
    1. Wendeng Kouzi Building Material Factory
    2. Huarong County Tower City Building Material Factory
    3. Zhengzhou Zhongmu Liangcheng Building Material Company r
    4. Building Materials Corporation, Waidian Town, Lintian County
    5. Qingdao Jiaying Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    . Shangcai County Da Road Lixiang Tengfei Building Materials Corporation
    . Gansu Province Cement Co., Ltd.
    8. Panzhihua Ring Industry Metallurgical Development Co., Ltd.
    9. Shangcai County Wolonggang Building Materials Corporation
    10. Zibo Lu Zhong Building Material Factory
    11. Zibo Xutai Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    12. Shandong Changxing Group
    13. Handan Fuxiang Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    14. Linyan County Taichen Building Materials Corporation
    15. Zibo Mazhuang Cylinder tile factory
    16. Jinan Hongjian New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    17. Zhaoyuan Hongwei New Building Materials Co., Ltd. Municipal Longyu Brick Factory
    20. Yangzhou Jinshou Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    21. Puhe City, Poly City, Poly City, Pei Cheng Town, Pohe City, Kangda Industrial Co., Ltd. Factory
    23. Bei Chenzhuang Brick Factory
    24. Inner Mongolia Hongyu Pesticide Co., Ltd.
    25. Niecun tile company in Lucun Town, Zichuan District
    6. Jiaozhou City Friendship Building Materials Factory
    27. Chashan Xiaxi Brick Factory
    28. Yanyu City Yanyu District Guangsha New Materials Co., Ltd.
    29. Jiyang County, Jiyang Town Factory
    30. Zhangqiu City Baoju Fire Resistance Co., Ltd.
    31. Hengyang County Hongshi Building Material Company
    32. Henan Province Guoyang Guo Yongshi Material Co., Ltd.
    33. Tianmen Municipal Qianyi Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    34. Sanhe Hongyang Brick Factory
    35. Shandong Dongchen New Wall Material Co., Ltd.
    36. Shandong Mingshui Group Hongtai New Building Materials Co., Ltd. Company
    37. Yuechi County Shale Brick Co., Ltd.
    38. Kaifa Group Co., Ltd.
    39. Zaozhuang City, Zouwu Town Bei'an Brick Factory
    40. Shantou Shengda Concrete Co., Ltd.
    41. Shiren Town One Shale Wave Factory
    . Divine Town Qin Brick Factory
    44. Shuangya Shandong Fangfang Industrial Company
    45. Kaicheng Architectural Materials Co., Ltd.
    46. Fuli Fa Brick Factory, Liyang Town, Sanhe City
    47. Quanzhou Meigang Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    48. Qingdao Raxi Sunlight Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    49. Liaocheng Travel Building Materials Company
    50. Liaoyuan Tianli New Wall Material Co., Ltd. 51. Zibo Lu Wang Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    52. Xiangyang Brick Way Factory, Bathing Store Town, Laiyang City
    53. Zaozhuang Xinglong New Building Material Co., Ltd. R n 55. Jiangyuan County Hongyuan Building Material Company
    56. Shandong Hongguan Industrial Co., Ltd.
    57. Beijing Lilei Municipal Construction Hybrid Materials Co., Ltd. Company
    59. Jiujin Cultural Brick Factory, North Jinggang Town, Huarong County
    60. Shandong Luhua New Material Co., Ltd.
    61. . Southern County Architectural Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    63. Guangzhou Junxing Concrete Co., Ltd.
    64. Zibo Yaolu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
    65. R n 66. Tongzhou Dongqiang Group Co., Ltd.
    67. Sichuan Mianyang Xinhua Yuan Art Field
    68. Funing County Zhongjian Materials Co., Ltd. Company
    70. Linyi Tianyuan Brick Industry Co., Ltd.
    71. Ningbo Blue Sky Color Steel Board Co., Ltd.
    72. R n 74. Chenzhuang Brick Factory, Lingshou County
    75. Wuhan New Wall Material Co., Ltd.
    76. Zibo Xinyuan Jiantao Co., Ltd.
    77. Jining Hualong New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    78. Tengzhou Fuxing New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    79. Jiying County Building Material Company, Zhenping County Brick and tile factory
    81. Hunan Jinling New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    82. Huanggai Town Building Material Factory
    83. Hengshui City Yifeng Brick Tile Co., Ltd.
    84. Zhenping County Mazhuang Township Feilong Shoes Factory
    85. Linyi Kecheng New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    86. Zaozhuang Guangming New Material Co., Ltd.
    87. Yixian Lingnan Town Brickwa Factory
    89. The state -owned Taihu Port Farm, Hubei Province
    90. Dongying Gold Building Materials Co., Ltd.
    91. n2. Yingtian Industrial General Factory, Heshan District, Yiyang City
    93. Ningjin County Dacao Construction Equipment Factory
    94. Dongtai Fu'an Building Material Co., Ltd.
    95. Zhuangji Brick Factory
    96. Anguo Xifu Luo Brick Factory
    97. Wanggang Township Manager Advanced Road Brick Factory
    98. Tengzhou Xigang Town Shuangji Kong Heart Brick Factory R
    99. Tongxiang New Tiger Brick Tile Co., Ltd.
    100. Zhangjiajie Luo Jun Wall Material Co., Ltd.

    The above: All companies include the following content
    R n. The main economic indicators of the enterprise
    1. Enterprise fixed assets
    . Enterprise practitioners
    3. Enterprise product sales income
    4. The per capita output value of the enterprise
    3. Analysis of corporate profitability
    1. Product market share
    . Comprehensive index of corporate competitiveness
    . Sales profit margin
    . Asset yield
    5 5 , Total asset contribution rate
    6. Equity yield rate
    . Analysis of corporate debt capacity
    1. Asset -liability ratio
    , flow ratio Ratio
    . Analysis of corporate operating capacity
    1. The number of days of inventory turnover
    2. All employees' labor productivity
    . Part III: Clay tiles and building block manufacturing industry development and investment suggestions
    Seblepseted industry problems and response strategies
    Section of development recommendations (CMRN-medium vertical horizontal)
    No. 1 Section 3 Investment Environment
    Section 4 Investment Suggestions (CMRN-Middle Classics)

    Part 4: The development trend of clay bricks and building block manufacturing industries and market forecasts r
    Section 1 Industry Development Trends
    . Market development trend
    . Technical development direction
    Section 2 2007-2010 Condity brick tile and building block manufacturing market forecast
    , 2007-2010 Output value prediction
    2. Sales revenue forecast in 2007-2010
    three, 2007-2010 total profit forecast
    4. 2007-2010 total asset forecast

  2. Consider the problem of location selection in logistics/operations. Does the country encourage the operation of brick kiln? It's not clear
    brick -tile factory needs to use soil as the raw material. I remember going to the village when I was a kid. There are brick kiln in the suburbs of rural areas. I don’t know if there is any

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