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  1. Because real estate has the characteristics of large investment value, non -mobility and location, its sales difficulty is much greater than ordinary goods. To effectively sell real estate products for success, a series of marketing strategies must be adopted according to the marketing goals and the characteristics of the marketing market. Due to the rapid development of the real estate industry, some new marketing concepts and ideas are endless. The more representative is the application of 4C (ie COST, COST,,,,) proposed by Professor Laotpeng in the United States in 1990 in real estate marketing. It is contrary to the traditional 4P strategy in marketing, and puts consumers in the core position of real estate marketing. Whether it is products, prices, sales channels, or promotions, consumers' needs, willingness will be the primary factor and fundamental starting point. Many real estate marketers regard it as a strategic transfer of real estate marketing, but the theoretical root of the 4C theory is the same as the 4P theory. Essence Therefore, this article will still analyze real estate marketing strategies in accordance with the traditional 4P theory in marketing.
    It China's real estate market In terms of overall trend, it has entered a demand -oriented development stage. House prices have gradually approached the cost price and micro -profit price, and the degree of marketization has gradually deepened. In terms of marketing, both industry and consumers are gradually mature, and a concept or one idea is difficult to impress. Consumers began to pay attention to the product itself. The experience of buyers is increasingly more and more rational; the problems of disputes between the illegal projects and the problems of house prices make some consumers more cautious. Therefore, real estate marketing product strategies, price strategies, marketing channel strategies, and promotional strategies must all make reasonable innovation according to the market conditions.
    The real estate marketing product strategy (ProCT) Real estate marketing product strategy is the primary factor in real estate marketing. Real estate companies must have to market the market to survive. Real estate marketing groups are the most important content in real estate marketing groups. According to the concept and content of products in marketing, real estate products can be divided into three levels:
    1, core products. It is the main service that buyers are actually buying. For buyers, what they need is a family sense, security, and sense of accomplishment.
    2, formal products. Refers to the brand, characteristics, style, quality of real estate products.
    3, extended product. It is a variety of services attached to tangible products, such as property management and ensuring the provision of public facilities.
    The market situation shows that the increasingly mature consumer makes real estate product marketing cannot rely on a concept and one idea alone, but what really needs is the product itself. Therefore, when real estate companies develop real estate, they must pay attention to everything, including the three levels of the product. Because the home buyer's family sense and sense of security can be satisfied by all real estate developers, in terms of core products, real estate developers are on the same running line; aspects that can really attract consumers, that is, real estate product marketing can produce unique effects in the tangible aspects of tangibleness. Products and extension products. In the market situation, it is also these two aspects that realize real estate product marketing and breakthroughs.
    The first is real estate brand marketing.
    The real estate product marketing has developed through a single real estate marketing to the height of brand marketing for the entire real estate company. Because everyone already knows that in the increasingly fierce market competition, the brand is the most powerful and lasting weapon to win the long -lasting competition advantage. In the Hong Kong real estate market, real estate developed by well -known enterprises such as Yangtze River Industry, New World Group, and Sun Hung Kai Group is 3.5%of the real estate developed by other companies. This is the brand's power. In the same market competition environment, why is "brand" stronger than "products"? Because the "brand" is unique, has a personality, is particularly suitable for a certain part, it can bring people rich and beautiful association, is guaranteed to be guaranteed, and intimate and humane. "Products" usually can only be described in a series of physical languages, so it seems that coldness has no emotion and no humanity. People are born with emotional animals. In addition to material satisfaction, they need a colorful spiritual enjoyment, while "brand" has spirit, while "products" are not.
    The product is the foundation of the brand, but the product cannot be sublimated to the brand automatically. Only when people fully discover, refine, and consciously give the product with personalized personality and externalize the products of the product in the inner quality characteristics of the product and the producer. Really sublimated to "brand". Therefore, the image design is the primary work of shaping the brand. Only a distinctive personality image can reflect the corresponding status, can it arouse the beautiful association and purchasing impulse of the target consumers, so that consumers can continue to consume.
    As the market economy has matured, the brand image of goods has become the first element of consumer cognition, and real estate as a special product is no exception. To establish their own brand in the minds of consumers, real estate companies only work in many aspects such as real estate product quality, services, functions, etc., and improve the quality of the product in a full range of quality can they truly establish a good brand in the minds of consumers, so as to thus Establish consumer brand loyalty to provide conditions for the development and sales of subsequent products.
    It is the characteristic marketing of real estate products.
    The younger generation that consumers have grown up in the new era, especially in the new era. Important criteria. Buying a house can be described as a long -term plan of a family. There are a hundred households in a hundred families. Only by adopting people with no, personality, and unique personality design can developers win as many consumers as possible.
    has found the importance of characteristic marketing, and the marketing ideas that study market demand, strengthen the use of functions, pursue personality characteristics, and create human space as the business philosophy. , Color, floors, balcony, internal structure and other product strategies strive to break through the same, highlight the personality of the occupants, and also have unique styles in advertising, channel selection, price determination, promotional methods, etc., and thus becoming market highlights. Taking several hot real estate sales at the Dalian Housing Fair recently as an example, small -scale housing functions launched by "Jinhua South Garden" and "Jinhua North Garden", which are affordable housing, are well -faced with young people. 90%of the "Qingyun Cuiju", the "green" ace, the IT characteristics of the "Software", the cultural color of the "Lanting Landscape", the "Fengyuan Sea Villa" sea view characteristics, and the star of the "Star Sea" Effects, etc., have become very individual and specialized real estate under the careful creation of developers.
    is the creation of the consumer's living environment
    With the increasingly serious environmental pollution of modern society and the gradual rise of environmental protection awareness, consumers have increasingly concerned about their living environment and quality of life. Buyers no longer just consider whether the geographical location is superior and whether the sales price is cheap, but pay more attention to the environmental design of the planned house. Not only do they want the green grass in the community, the flowers are clustered, there are sufficient sunshine and fresh air, but also requires the residential community to stay away from the factory, and there is no source of pollution nearby. This requires the development of the community to take environmental protection as the marketing concept, change the development model of the past inch of soil gold, see the sewing needle, and fully consider the residential space, sunlight, green interval, etc. in the community. Essence Now many developers have proposed that "real estate must engage in the environment" and "selling houses are also selling the environment". It cannot be said that it has covered the business concept of environmental marketing. For example, the "Green Garden" in Shanghai in early 1997, it uniquely put forward the new concept of "Singapore Wind", abandoning the high capacity rate pursued by many developers at that time, and in the planning and design of the community Essence The subsequent "International Trade Garden" also hotly sells the property market with the marketing concept of "living in green". Later, "Shanghai Spring City" used 3,500 square meters of "Blue Lake", "Zhongyuan Two Bay City" and "Shanda Garden" with artificial landscape landscapes above 10,000 square meters as market demands. Performance. Of course, developers should avoid promoting promotion by environmental protection at the same time. The concept of excessive hype is overly hype. There are two trees. One lawn is crowned with "environmental protection communities" and "ecological homeland". The orbit can also cause many marketing sequelae to become a public harm in the industry.
    , although many real estate starts from improving the environmental quality of the residential communities, while pursuing the high greening rate, it has intentionally or unintentionally introduced the concept of green marketing, but it can only be called "green marketing" at most. The difference between it and green marketing is that the theme of greening marketing is single, which is mainly reflected by the pursuit of high greening rate, and the implementation of greening is relatively simple. Generally, the greening of the house is mainly based on the connotation of green marketing. The creation of external space (green space, square, tree -lined, roads, architectural sketches, etc.) also includes the creation of medium space (orientation, layers, ventilation, lighting, wet and humidity, etc.) within the residential unit. Therefore, the creation of diversified internal and external spaces required by green marketing and green marketing, especially the energy exchange between people and nature, man and the universe, is far away. In addition, a single green marketing volume is imitated by competitors, which is not conducive to the formation of a multi -dimensional competition pattern in the market, and at the same time, it cannot meet the increasing demand for living quality for consumers. Therefore, a single green marketing must also be integrated with location marketing, housing marketing, and property management marketing in order to achieve the true environmental protection marketing.
    is again the cultural marketing of real estate product
    The influence of contemporary society and culture on the economy is increasing, and architecture is no exception. The project selection of the historical context is inherited, excavated and carried forward, and the preservation and reconstruction of the ecology of the community group often brings unexpected results to the real estate. Properties without culture are just reinforced and cement shells. The external pressure of modern life is increasing. People do not need "jungle with reinforced concrete". They are more eager for the cultural connotation of home. If the developer discovered this and performed it, it would be a wonderful victory. Therefore, developers should pay attention to the cultural connotation as much as possible in the architectural style. Through the distinctive theme creativity, the cultural value of the residential community is enhanced, and a high -quality blueprint of life is showing a high -quality blueprint. For example In the Sun City Garden, developers have specially built special sculpture squares -Shenniu Plaza, and 10 Han -white jade sculptures were placed in the community, including Roman mythology Apollo, Flower God, Bumor Harvest, Gu Shen, etc. Give people a beautiful legend. Here, people can appreciate the rare myth.
    It, with the rapid development of modern transportation and telecommunications, the distance between people is getting closer and closer, but the distance between the heart and the heart is getting farther and farther. Come and closure. The developers of Cuihu Villa, one of the ten ten stars in Guangzhou, noticed this issue. They created a harmonious neighborhood relationship and warm living culture as the business philosophy, and took various effective measures to strengthen the owners. Communication and communication, their efforts on this issue can be seen from an waiting kiosk advertisement: "It's raining, let Mrs. Lin next door help to collect clothes". A long aftertaste. In addition, in order to create a good growth environment for children, the requirements for buyers' cultural facilities in residential communities are getting higher and higher, not only concerned about the configuration and distance of surrounding cultural and educational units, but also pay more attention to the number and taste of cultural facilities in the community, as well as the taste, taste, and taste, as well as the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste, and the taste of the community. The cultural level of most residents in the community. Now many developers have worked hard, not only trying to reflect the cultural connotation as much as possible in the architectural style, but also pay attention to creating the cultural atmosphere of the community through the high -taste club, the rich library of the book, and the warm and peaceful neighborhood center. The useful exploration and successful attempts made.
    The real estate marketing price strategy (Price) real estate development, trading, leasing, mortgage, land transfer, transfer and other marketing are all commodity economic activities. It must be exchanged in accordance with market laws and economic principles. Mastering the pricing method of real estate products, and the flexible use of various pricing strategies is the main means to carry out real estate marketing activities. Here we will mainly introduce real estate pricing methods, pricing ratio and price adjustment strategies.
    1. Real estate pricing method
    The sales of buildings and communities are often a period of time or New Year. The changes in the consumer market are unpredictable that the pricing of the building must be accepted by the market. It requires a certain degree of advance consciousness and scientific prediction. It can be said that the pricing part is art and some of them are science. There are many factors that affect prices, mainly including: cost, real estate quality, price of customers, competition factors in similar buildings, etc. The variable cost of the product is the lower limit of the pricing, and the upper limit is the price that customers are willing to pay. Consumers in the market always want to get the highest value at a moderate price, so the price and value should not be mixed. After the pricing, appropriate adjustments can be made during operation, but it cannot make large or negative adjustments, otherwise it will have a very bad impact. In terms of pricing, there are several methods:
    (1) Market comparative method. The survey of real estate and the transaction case similar to real estate in the corresponding market are directly compared, and the formation differences are appropriately adjusted or corrected to take the fair market price of real estate.
    (2) cost method. Based on the sum of the essential fees required by the development or construction of the estimated real estate or similar real estate, coupled with normal profits and taxable payments to obtain the price of the real estate of the real estate.
    (3) Return method. The expected valuation targets in the future of the real estate (usually year) of the normal pure returns to the present value on the valuation point, and find the price of the real estate of the real estate.
    (4) Remaining method.将估价房地产的预期开发后的价值,扣除其预期的正常开发费用﹑销售费用﹑销售税金及开发利润,根据剩余之数来确定估价对象房地产的价格rn当然,无论哪种定价方法, Both should be accompanied by the market, to maximize the market share. After clarifying the method, the specific implementation has strategies such as low -priced, high prices, internal prices, one -slarks, and preferential prices. When developers adopt a low -cost strategy, entering the market will be easier, easy to enter, and can start the market faster; and the use of high -priced strategies will advertise the property of the property, identity symbols, improvement functions, and excellent environment. Entering the market, but it is not blindly asking for the price, it is worth it.
    2, pricing ratio
    In general, a standard layer is set first. The high -level is generally set at a height of 1/2, and the multi -layer is generally 3-4 layers (below 9 layers). Then determine a floor coefficient. The general increase of the price per layer above the standard layer is 0.8%, and the lower layer below the standard layer is reduced by 0.5%. In high -rise buildings, below 7 floors, due to their limited vision, should generally be low -cost areas, and the price of the top floor and low -level generally differences between about 30%.
    The choice of buying a house is not only affected by the floor. The scenes and vision of the two main noodles in the house such as street views, Jiangjing, and roads are also one of the factors that affect property prices, that is, the factor of the orientation. Generally speaking, Jiangjing, street view, etc. give people a visual enjoyment, with a large orientation coefficient, about 8-10%, and the side of Linton Road has a lot of noise, more dust, and low orientation coefficients, 3-5%, 3-5%. Between the south and north of the real estate, if there is no difference in landscape, the price is generally higher than the north. Some real estate, because its orientation coefficients are unreasonable, good floors and good towards all sell all light, all of which are not easy to sell, making the real estate slow -selling.
    The pricing of shops, because the shopping habits of general customers are on the first floor, the pricing of the first floor is generally more than three times the average residential price. The pricing per square meter of the parking space is generally equivalent to 50%of the house.
    3, price adjustment strategy.
    The real estate price adjustment strategy can be divided into two aspects: direct price adjustment and discount discount.
    Direct price adjustment is the direct increase or decline of house prices, and the information it gives customers is the most intuitive. There are two main forms of direct price adjustment: (1) Base price adjustment. Base price adjustment is to increase or decrease the computing price of a building. Because the base price is to formulate the calculation foundation of all units, the adjustment of the base price means that the price of all units is involved in the adjustment together. In this kind of adjustment, the adjustment direction and adjustment of each unit are consistent, which is the uniform response of the product's overall market trend; (2) the adjustment of the difference coefficient. Each unit formulates different differences coefficients due to product differences. The price of each unit is calculated by the difference coefficient of the difference set by the base price of the house. However, the different degree of market acceptance of each unit because of the differences of products is not consistent with the original estimate. The adjustment of the difference coefficient is required to modify the difference system setting the difference in the difference in the setting of the difference in the setting of the good selling unit according to the specific situation of the actual sales. The sales ratio of types of types reflects the market's demand for different products. The adjustment of the difference coefficient is one of the main price adjustment methods for developers. Sometimes the price difference coefficient of a real estate can be adjusted nearly a dozen times in one month to adapt to the continuous changes in sales.
    This discount refers to a method that directly stimulates the customer's purchase behavior within a limited time range, cooperate with the overall promotional activity plan, and use gifts, discounts and other methods. Promotion discounts are usually active in sales atmosphere and sales adjustment, but more often aside the direct benefit behavior of the price system. There are many forms of discount discounts and payment methods, such as reality discounts within a week; buying a house to send air conditioners, refrigerators, or studying rooms, delivery rooms, house purchase lottery activities, and so on. The discounts must be done well. First of all, the customer really feels that it is profitable, not a fancy promotional gimmick. At the same time, the benefits of preferential discounts should meet the actual needs of customers. It is the way they can hope. Only in this way can it be facilitated to promote sales. Furthermore, don't be similar to the discounts of other competitors. The colorful discounts have the possibilities for developing new trademarks.
    Mere real estate marketing channel strategy (Place) China's real estate industry, real estate marketing channel strategies can be roughly divided into direct sales, entrusted agency sales, and online marketing and real estate supermarkets that have emerged in recent years.
    Capons directly refer to the behavior of real estate development companies directly selling their real estate products through their own marketing personnel, also known as direct sales or self -selling. The advantage of direct sales is that it can help real estate development companies save a considerable amount of commissioned agency sales (equivalent to 1.5%~ 3.0%of the price), but the lack of sales experience and the lack of sales networks are also this sales channel Fatal defects. As the Chinese real estate market is in its infancy, the operating mechanism of the real estate market is not sound, and the necessary talents and management experience need to be accumulated. Therefore, it is also the main channel for real estate sales in China. In the future of the real estate market, it will still occupy an important position.
    The agent sales refers to the act of commissioned real estate agents to sell real estate products to sell their real estate products. The so -called real estate agent sales provider refers to the entrustment of receiving real estate development enterprises, looking for consumers, introducing real estate, providing consultation, and promoting real estate results. The entrusted agent can be divided into corporate agents and individual agents. The former refers to an agent with a legal person qualification composed of multiple people. The latter refers to the individual of the agency, that is, the agent.
    I network marketing is the product of the development of information and e -commerce. It has also been used in real estate marketing. China has appeared in some websites with real estate as the main content, such as SouFun.com, Zhongfang.com, etc. They are real estate Enterprises and consumers provide new information communication channels; at the same time, many real estate developers also use Internet network resources to carry out online marketing. In September 2000, the Shanghai "Qingzhijie" Garden launched the first e -building book in the country, marking that online real estate marketing has added a new method. Many developers now register their own websites on the Internet to promote and promote enterprises and products. Through the two -way communication of the Internet, it can break regional restrictions and carry out remote information dissemination. It has a large amount of wide range. Its marketing content is detailed and vivid, and the graphic and text can be displayed in all directions. The arrangement of the arrangement provides a lot of convenience for potential buyers. With the further development of e -commerce, online marketing will become a marketing strategy with considerable potential and development space in the real estate market.
    The real estate supermarket marketing is a new marketing channel that has recently appeared in Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places. Its emergence showed that China's real estate sales began to bid farewell to the single model of traditional developers' self -produced and self -selling, entering a retail period with supermarkets as significant characteristics. Some experts believe that the real estate supermarket is a reform and breakthrough in the marketing concept and method of China's property market, which has brought new ideas and transfer to the current difficulty of selling commercial housing sales.
    The real estate promotion strategy for real estate marketing promotion strategies refers to a series of publicity and persuasion activities that real estate developers pass on real estate or users to pass real estate product information in order to promote real estate rental and sell. Through these activities, consumers can understand the characteristics and functions of real estate products, stimulate their desire to consume, and promote their purchase behavior to achieve the purpose of expanding sales. Real estate marketing promotions can be divided into advertising promotion, personnel promotion, public relations, and business promotion.
    1, advertisement
    Id advertising is a public publicity form that introduces product information to people and transports a certain concept. The prominent feature of real estate advertisements is that the advertising period is short, frequent, and high.
    The focus of real estate advertising is: location advantages, product advantages, price advantages, convenient transportation advantages, academic district advantages, community quality of life, and the social reputation of development companies.
    The form of options for real estate advertisements include the following types: (1) Printing advertisements. Printing materials are pretty common for real estate advertising, which is also one of the main means for real estate products to market. Newspapers, magazines, related professional books, and propaganda materials printed by developers or their agents are effective carriers for real estate advertisements; (2) audiovisual advertising. The use of TV, movies, neon lights, billboards, and radio, radio and other media methods are effective audiovisual advertisements to promote real estate products; (4) on -site advertising. The on -site billboards erected at the construction site and the promotional advertisements around the wall around the construction site were used to introduce the development project situation; (5) letter advertisement. Including commercial housing catalogs and manuals.
    If according to the different types, rent scope and advertising costs of the real estate, developers should choose the appropriate advertising type and advertising strategy to achieve the maximum publicity effect.
    2. Business promotion
    The business promotion is to stimulate demand in a large target market, expand sales, and adopt various measures to encourage purchases. It is mostly used for short -term sales of a certain period and a certain task. The effect of business promotion stimulus is very obvious and costs less.
    If developers can introduce large -scale housing knowledge popularization activities to introduce to the majority of consumers to introduce housing building selection standards, residential decoration knowledge, housing loan methods and procedures, as well as commercial housing purchase procedures and government related taxes and fees. While real estate knowledge, it can also increase consumers' recognition of developers. In addition, developers can also hold an opening or subscription ceremony, project seminar, press conference, finding celebrity spokesperson, holding cultural and leisure activities, and owners' associations. Performance continues to rise. The real estate trading conference held every year in Chongqing and other places is also a stage for developers to show their strength. According to statistics, each real estate developer will have an extraordinary transaction volume at each housing payment.
    3. Personnel promotion
    Real estate personnel promotion refers to the real estate promoters introduce the situation of developers and their real estate consumers and their real estate based on the customer information they have mastered, and promote the sale and selling transactions. The advantage of personnel promotion is that the target customers are clear, the promotional power is concentrated, and the transaction rate is high; interviewing with customers is conducive to contact with the relationship with customers, information feedback, and conducive to understanding the development and construction of the same industry and marketing trends.
    of course, personnel promotion methods have high requirements for the quality of promoters. Promotional personnel generally must have the following conditions and qualities: rich real estate knowledge and reasonable knowledge structure; timely grasp the correct real estate market information; have good business philosophy and business quality.
    The promotional personnel should pay attention to the detailed information of all customers in the business district, including address, name, telephone number, etc. to be tracked at any time.
    4. Public relations
    The promotional promotional activities of real estate and public relations include: strive for good publicity reports to real estate developers, assist real estate developers to establish and maintain good relationships with the public from all walks of life, establish and maintain a good corporate image As well as rumors, rumors and events that are not good for real estate development companies. The contents of public relations can mainly include:
    mading gimmicks and crisis public relations
    people made news points for artificial manufacturing, which attracted media to report and enjoy free advertising. This also includes crisis public relations. In response to the current problems of repeatedly occurred, such as proper handling, maybe the good image of the tree project with a frank attitude and the disadvantages of the trees and the media may be beneficial to many consumers and the media.
    Coustically establish a good relationship with all aspects
    The developers should pay attention to consumer orientation, emphasize that through the two -way communication between enterprises and consumers, establish long -term stable corresponding relationships, establish competition in enterprises and brands in the market in the market to establish competition from enterprises and brands Advantage. The value of goods and brands is the most difficult to replace, which is closely related to consumers' recognition. Therefore, developers should arrange business strategies completely from the perspective of consumers, fully study consumer needs, strive to strengthen communication with consumers, and pay attention to the creation of relationships. At the same time, developers should also pay attention to cooperation with local governments, financial institutions and other social organizations, and also pay attention to cooperation between developers, especially the latter cooperation.

  2. Real estate projects are very regional, so marketing strategies pay more attention to offline drainage, as well as training for techniques such as promotion and ordering.
    The introduced promotional model that introduces a explosive model, integrates drainage, and promotes single functions.
    In the price of 100,000 parking spaces as an example:
    ① Take away 100,000 home appliances;
    ② Send 100,000 cars on the spot;
    ④ Obtain 100,000 car parks on -site handling;
    ⑤ Earn 100,000 income monthly division;
    "explosive sales model" integrates three -party resources, combined with thousands of brand manufacturers to solve real estate to solve real estate "Sales Difficulty" supplier provided gifts to achieve a win -win situation, allowing the openrs to quickly clear the inventory parking space, allow owners to buy parking spaces equal to earning parking spaces, and let brand merchants take batch shipments.

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