Now studying and drawing, which aspect is easy to find a job?

What major is good for surveying and mapping for graduate students?

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  1. 1 What can I do for graduation of surveying and mapping engineering

    The graduation of surveying and mapping is mainly to go to the national economic departments to engage in national basic surveying and mapping, land and air carrying tool navigation and management, urban and engineering construction, mineral resource exploration and development, landland, landland Resource survey and management of measurement engineering, map and geographic information system design, implementation and research work; or engage in research, management, and teaching in the fields of environmental protection and disaster prevention and earth dynamics;
    n n n n n n n n n R n can also be engaged in the design, development, establishment, maintenance management and information processing analysis of the information system, and in the relevant departments, the establishment of the project automation, the establishment of the project, the evaluation of the investment environment, the evaluation of various land use, the major projects of the major projects, the major projects of major projects, the major projects Site selection, planning and various disaster losses and previews to provide scientific trust in the preview; it can also be engaged in research and development of surveying and mapping products, software and equipment in various types of enterprises.

    2 Professional segmentation of surveying and mapping engineering

    Graduates in the direction of the professional direction can be Earthquake geological departments, such as technical and management work, can also engage in related work in government departments, teaching and scientific research units. rnrn工程测量从业领域:该专业方向的毕业生可在城市建设规划与管理、交通(包括公路、铁路与水运)、国土与房产、工业企业、海洋、建筑、水利、 Electricity, petroleum, metallurgy, national defense, surveying and mapping, engineering survey, urban and enterprise information management and other departments are engaged in the planning, design, implementation and management of surveying and mapping and related information engineering. Essence It has the characteristics of wide employment, strong adaptability, and large social demand.

    The field of photography measurement: can be engaged in digital surveying and mapping and national basic geographical information construction, application and development, and in related fields such as aerospace, agriculture, environment, transportation, military, land resources management, planning and other related fields Getting, processing and application of surveying and mapping information.

    Swars of the field of satellite application: graduates in this professional direction can engage in technical and management work in the surveying and mapping relevant departments, aerospace departments, navigation system design and manufacturing units, satellite positioning and navigation technology development and application units. You can engage in related work in government departments, teaching and research units.

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