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  1. 1. This is a rising industry
    In China, the wine industry is a rising industry. According to data, the Chinese have become the world's largest consumer consumer. In addition, China is also the fifth largest wine producer in the world. Faced with such huge demand and supply, the wine industry is still in the "youth". This is a rising industry. It is necessary to join more people who love wine and understand wine.
    2. The income is not bad
    . Although it is not an era of "man -made fortune, birds are dying", income is the most direct manifestation of everyone's ability to work and the direct decisive factor of living standards. The wine industry has high requirements for the quality of the entryrs. If you have a certain amount of wine knowledge, it is best to say a few words with foreigners. It is proportional. Of course, the income will not be bad.
    3, the industry without beauty is not as promising. The future of the wine industry is unlimited
    The media person He Jiangbing once said: "Beauty belongs to scarce resources. In an atheist country, beauty monetization is the highest in the world. There are many industries, industries, and companies. "In the wine industry, looking at it, everything is lacking, but there is no shortage of returnee beauty, temperament beauty and intellectual beauty ... those who are still single, join the wine industry, have a future, have a future The work is resolved, and maybe the lifelong event may be resolved.
    4. This is an elite circle
    . As far as China is concerned, even if you can sit down and drink wine, even if you are not rich and noble, you are at least a small successor. What entrepreneur and general manager Design director, antique player, lawyer, financialist, bank executives ... Because this is a tyrant, elite united elite, and the time of reeling, some people say that wine is a circle. In the era of determining status and connections in this circle, we will be friends in the wine industry and local tyrants. One day you will also become a small local tyrant.
    5, you will be younger than others, health
    Wine is not a pitch, but it also has health effects. It can resist cancer and extend life. It can also prevent heart disease, cold, breast cancer, and dementia. Those who walk into the wine industry often drink wine in moderation. They are better than their peers, and it is not uncommon to grow up with old age.
    6. You will be more insightful, talent and taste
    drinking wine is not just drinking, wine tasting and chatting is the truth. Affected by the great atmosphere, people who walk into the wine industry will love European and American culture, open their minds, and have a wide range of knowledge. They can talk about "Notre Dame", "Jane Ai" and "Aviation and Prejudice". There can be a group of friends who are proficient in painting, tea art, music, yoga and art.
    7. You will have more opportunities to communicate with the outside world.
    Wine wine is still imported after all. When you choose this industry, you will have the opportunity to go to Bordeaux, Chile, Chile, Napa Valley and Australia in Australia Adelaide's production area, understanding the local national style and cultural characteristics, and rising posture!
    8. You choose not only work, but a lifestyle
    Wine can be a profession, of course, it is also a life. The people who are influenced by wine culture, people who walk into the wine industry know how to live exquisitely. You will know that health is as important as work. You know that less is more (less is more). The attitude of product wine tastes life. In the afternoon of work in the summer, coming to a glass of wine is a kind of fun, and this exquisite work and life can not be created by everyone.

  2. The main raw material of wine is fresh grape fruits, and grape fruits are suitable for growing in the natural environment of barren and drought. Therefore, grape fruits are extremely concentrated and rich in various health care substances. It has been found to contain more than 300 nutrients.
    The wine contained in wine contains the effects of antioxidant, blood vessels, and lipids that can be cleaned up, which can delay aging, prevent arteriosclerosis, and early aging. Disaster diseases and other diseases also have important effects such as reducing osteoporosis and "resident".
    The organic acid contained in wine, which has the effects of mediation of nerve centers, rejuvenating thirst, helping digestion, and preventing constipation.
    The vitamins and calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and other minerals contained in VC, VB, tobaccoic acid, etc. Mineral water.

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