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  1. 1. Mother introduction
    The construction workers through acquaintances are a very common way to find a way of finding. The main advantage of finding living through acquaintances is more reliable, and at the same time, it has efficient and convenient characteristics. The disadvantage is that because information asymmetry may affect salary, many times will be lower than that of recruitment and job hunting.
    2, intermediary
    The situation of construction workers also exist through intermediaries, especially some workers who produce students. Intermediaries usually master a lot of recruitment information, which can better provide the appropriate work for construction workers. The disadvantage is that the intermediary agency will charge a certain intermediary fee, and the intermediary fees for some work are not low. In addition, the intermediary may not be able to write compensation accurately, but to attract construction workers with high salary.
    3, running site
    This is a very traditional way to find a job, and it is also a very direct way to find a job. The advantage is that you can directly talk about salary with the employment, and you can also see the field situation of the other party's construction site. The bad place is relatively hard.
    S safety precautions

    1 Before entering the construction site, the construction staff must carry out the education and assessment of construction safety and fire knowledge. For employees with unqualified assessment, it is forbidden to enter the construction site to participate in construction. Essence
    2. Strict implementation of operating procedures, no violations of regulations and illegal operations, instructions for illegal operations have the right to refuse and have the responsibility to stop other people's illegal operations.
    3. Personal protective supplies must be worn correctly during construction, and you must wear a helmet at the construction site. It is not allowed to use fire privately, and it is strictly forbidden to operate after drinking.
    4. Effective workers must experience regularly. Anyone who suffers from hypertension, heart disease, anemia, epilepsy, and unsuitable at high altitude shall not engage in high -altitude operations.

  2. How to find a living worker? Why is it so difficult to find a living worker? Because traditional construction workers are looking for work in the labor market, acquaintance introduction and other inefficient methods. Construction workers cannot find a suitable job. These are the pain points for construction workers to find live.

    Nowadays, in order to solve this problem, in order to meet the needs of construction workers to find work, to quickly find workers in the construction industry, in order to shorten the efficiency of the two parties' job recruitment time at the same time, I will introduce to you one. The Takiji Gongjia APP perfectly solves the recruitment problem currently facing.

    INICS Family is a mobile phone app platform for mobile Internet comprehensive services, mainly to serve artificial and employers of various types of workers. He has the following characteristics in the founding of construction work and recruitment of construction sites:

    1. Enrollment information is rich in information and reduce the schedule of workers.

    The difficulty in reducing the difficulty of corporate recruitment allows construction companies that need to find construction workers to find people. It is not difficult to find workers quickly. It is not troublesome to make construction workers work, and it becomes simple and easy to operate. Meet the needs of recruitment of both parties to find work. Workers find work. Workers receive orders, recruit workers, find workers, and find nearby workers.

    2, the type of work is divided into detailed division, and the types of work are complete to improve the needs of both parties.

    The work on the work of the Ji Gongjia platform is divided in detail. Enterprises can intuitively and quickly select the workers who match the matching, communicate directly with the workers and improve the efficiency of employment.

    3, real -name authentication, transparent information, rest assured.

    In the chaotic market in the construction industry, real -name authentication ensures the safety of employment, and it can also ensure the rights and interests of workers, so that workers can rest assured to work.

    4, fragmented time, simple operation, unlimited location.

    While for workers or recruitment companies, everyone can use the fragments to recruit and find work anytime, anywhere. It is simple to operate without taking too much time.

  3. There are really too many tips for the construction site to find a living. It is nothing more than that everyone knows that it is a relatively reliable way to find a living through an acquaintance and friends. I personally use fish bubble nets. I feel pretty good. I can use it well. Of course, I also go to some construction sites to investigate and inquire.

  4. If you want to work in the construction site, there are two ways. One is to go directly to the construction unit to find a job. In this case, you generally require the academic qualifications related to civil engineering or the experience experience. If you want to enter the construction unit Perform hard. There are rich work experience and a lot of construction experience, so that the construction unit will consider recruitment, and the construction unit is generally as a formal employee or temporary work, but basically it can be at the construction site, and the construction team is much easier than the construction team.

  5. Of course, there is a trick for construction workers to find a job. Not only can you go to the construction site to squat through the way of finding acquaintances, of course, you can also go to some platforms: the workers have a boss on online recruitment information every day. Find the recruitment information of the construction team. It is a very good software for workers.

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