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  1. WeChat group announcement:
    WeChat group is an online communication and exchange platform. You can communicate with each other in the group, help each other, develop together, and advance together. In order to ensure the healthy development of the group, this group regulations are specially formulated:

    1, the group is prohibited from pulling friends to enter the group, adding group owners;

    2, any advertisement (soft advertisement, hard advertisement) in the group;

    3. Discuss all political sensitive topics in the group, and prohibit the release of any unproven news in the group, and the rumors are prohibited in the group;
    4. It is strictly forbidden to disclose the personal information of group friends. The consequences of the consequences.

    The expansion information:

    It set display or send violation content (see "2. Content specification") and abnormal behaviors of greeting and regions, Tencent It will warn, restrict or prohibit the use of parts or all functions to the illegal account until the illegal account will be processed until the permanent title will be announced, and the results of the processing will be announced;
    Is in the process of applying for self -service lift To apply for unblocking, submit false information, fictional friends relationships, and use the third -party online earning platform to unblock, induce or deceive others to assist themselves for themselves, and use the third -party online earning platform. Treatment of title; restrictions on illegal assisted accounts to unpack others to use all or part of the functions of WeChat, and perform short -term or long -term titles.
    Reference information Source: WeChat-WeChat personal account usage specification

  2. The method of making the announcement bar in WeChat group is as follows:
    1, first open the WeChat group chat window, and then click the group business card bar.
    2, then select the group announcement, edit the content of the announcement board, and click the release button.

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