5 thoughts on “Is there a professional car forum?”

  1. I recommend two my favorite, one is the Gaishi Automobile Consultation. It is the most professional car consultation platform in China. There are the latest developments of car companies, component supplier information and industry analysis. The second is that the China Automotive Engineer Forum concentrated 80 % of the industry engineers in the automotive industry, rich in resources, from basic knowledge to the technical materials of specific models to the automotive students and salary benefits. Essence PS: I studied cars

  2. There are many good car forums, you can see:
    Pacha Automotive Forum
    Sina Automobile Forum
    Car home forum

    Lita World Forum
    Car Review Network Forum
    Car 168 Forum
    51 Auto Forum
    In China Automobile Trading Network Forum

  3. It is recommended that Aika or Pacific. The car home is the most garbage. It is either curse or curse. The editor -in -chief is low.

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