What are the accounting QQ groups?

I think my accounting knowledge is not very proficient, so I want to join some accounting QQ groups. I hope to get the guidance of the elders, so please help provide some useful QQ groups, thank you!

2 thoughts on “What are the accounting QQ groups?”

  1. Qingdao Accounting Group (65583259) Coconut Island Accounting Group (12096187) Xiangli Dongguan Accounting Group (73886459) Accounting Group-Ning Vocational College (61357158) Yu Ci Family (19) Accounting Group (10918229) Earth Accounting Group 13 (58994272)

  2. Find-Group user search-Classification search keyword Input accounting finding can be found, you can see a lot of groups you want. Among them, the red one is a high-level group, I wish you good luck

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