Where is Zhengzhou's largest used car trading market?

Where is Zhengzhou's largest used car trading market? I want to buy a second -hand car about 50,000 ... Please tell me where is the address?
The as if the place on the first floor has been relocated?

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  1. Give you a correct answer,
    If you say second -hand trucks, it is 200 meters north at the intersection of cultural roads and Guiji Road; The intersection is 800 meters north.
    The second -hand car markets on Saturday and Sunday, almost no one at other times.

  2. The second -hand car trading market is a place for the second trading of motor vehicles. It has two identities of intermediary service providers and operators. In detail, the role of the second -hand car market is: sales, consignment, license, transfer, transfer, replacement, acquisition, insurance, used car evaluation, auction and other services.

    The advantages of economic affordability, high value preservation rate, and accessories, etc., have gradually been loved by Zhengzhou owners. There are many places to buy and sell second -hand cars in Zhengzhou. For example, you can choose from the old car market, brokerage company, and 4S stores in Zhengzhou. However, used cars are different from new cars. The condition of used cars is independent, which is the biggest difference from new cars. Under the same model, there may be dozens of or even hundreds of second -hand car sources in Zhengzhou, (this is one of the advantages). It is recommended that you go to Zhengzhou's larger used car trading market or well -known used car trading website to buy. The following is the larger used car trading market and address in Zhengzhou. For your reference (the address may change due to the migration of the merchant, everyone goes to the new navigation and verify before):

    News in Zhengzhou used car trading new market : Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, Huiji District Cultural North Road North Auto Management Office

    The Henan Shunye used car trading market: Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, Xinzheng City, Xinzheng City, Henan Province 200m, 200m in South Road, Henan Province R n
    Start trade used car trading market in Zhengzhou City: 107 National Highway 107 of Xinzheng City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

    Guancheng Hui District Guancheng West Street 18 attached 2

    Bosheng selected second -hand cars: Cultural Road Street Cultural Road and Sanquan Road crossing north 500m road West Road Tong parking lot northwest horn"

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