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  1. The urban agglomeration, that is, cities with a considerable number of different properties, types, and levels within a specific area, rely on certain natural environment conditions, use one or two extra or large cities as the core of the regional economy, with the help of modernization to modernize The accessibility of transportation and comprehensive transportation networks, as well as a highly developed information network, occurs in the internal connection between urban individuals and develops a relatively complete "collection".
    regional economic integration refers to between two or more countries or regions in the region. By establish a common coordination agency, formulate a unified economic and trade policy, eliminate the trade barriers of each other, gradually realize the region Coordinated development and optimization allocation of resources to promote economic and trade development. According to the development of regional economic integration, in accordance with the development of its economic policy integration, the regional economy integration is generally divided into four types: free trade zones, customs duty alliances, common market or economic community, economic and monetary alliance.
    In the study of the similarities and similarities and similarities of urban agglomeration in geographical location, resource conditions, industrial distribution, policy system, development model, etc., based on regional development theory, it is based on regional development theory. Essence

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