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  1. Each customer has many home improvement needs, some customers will take the initiative to communicate their needs with designers, and some customers are deeply hidden in their own needs, and designers need to carefully analyze them to learn correctly. The following is an analysis of the psychological needs of the decoration customer compiled for you. I hope to help you.

    The analysis of the psychological needs of the decoration customer
    The surface requirements generally refer to the daily functional needs of the customer's home improvement. This is that the designer must meet the customer. However, it is not a lot of opportunities to meet the surface needs of customers. If you want to win the signing, it is the deep demand of the customer.
    The home improvement life function is the surface needs of customers, while new living functions are the deep needs of customers. While designers do the surface needs, they must find ways to tap customers' deep needs and move customers through deep needs. We have analyzed the expectations of customers' home improvement services earlier, and the economic afford of the price is the surface demand of customers. The "excellent home improvement quality, perfect construction process, good mid -term services and after -sales warranty" that customers really expect are the depth of the customer need. Deep demand is the root of signing, but this does not mean that the demand on the surface is not important. Companies with the lowest price often sign the bills, that is, they cannot meet customers' deep needs. Of course, it is not possible to meet customers in price issues, and designers must make up for the price gap between the two parties through deep demand.
    The exposure of demand
    The exposure requirements refer to the home decoration willingness expressed by the customer themselves, but this is often incomplete, or it is not true. There is an invisible demand behind the revealing demand. Essence The demand is like the iceberg on the water, and the invisible demand is the iceberg part below the horizontal plane. The needs revealed by customers are often very small, and they contain great unrealisticness. The desire of their inner desire lies in invisible demand.
    true demand
    true demand is the true desire of the customer. This desire is sometimes unreal due to the interference of strategies in the home improvement negotiation.
    For example, some customers say that we want to find a construction team to decorate. We should analyze this sentence from two aspects. One is that customers do want to find a construction team to decorate, and the other is that customers release Smoke bomb.
    The bottom limit requirements
    The bottom limit requirements refer to the signing price of the number of signing price expressed by the customer. The bottom limit demand is divided into real bottom limit and false bottom limit. The true bottom limit is the bottom limit of the customer's own heart. limit. But the customer will not tell you the price he wants to sign, so he reports a number slightly lower than the price, as the price of the price of his sign, which is the price of the customer reported by the customer.
    The conditions for renovation provident fund loans 1. The lender must have a resident residence in the city or effective residence of the city;
    2. The date of the application is pushed forward, and the housing provident fund is continuously paid for more than 12 months or more. (Only one person's loan allows one person to pay the provident fund);
    3. The contract (agreement (agreement (agreement) and related materials that meet the laws that comply with the legal regulations; Self -funded funds. Those who buy commercial housing and affordable housing will not be less than 20%of the total housing price (buying second -hand housing or building a house, and a large -scale house, the self -raised funds shall not be less than 30%of the total house price);
    5. With a stable economic income, the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan (the monthly income certificate is issued by the unit);
    6. Agree to use the own housing of the house or a self -owned housing or a third -person housing with a complete property right, or Protocol, organizations or third parties recognized by loan banks for pledge, or legal persons, organizations or third parties recognized by loan banks.
    The provident fund decoration loan application materials 1. The borrower and spouse identity certificate (ID card, hukou book, marriage certificate or divorce certificate, court judgment book, ruling book, unmarried or divorce certificate issued by the unit);
    . Stable economic income certification materials (proof of wage income, etc.);
    3. Certificate of paying the housing provident fund;
    . Housing needs to provide approval from the land and planning department);
    5. The application for approval form for the borrowing application of me and the spouse; V) receipt (buying a private property house, a self -raising fund certificate of not less than 30%of the total housing funds);

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