What are the customer groups of building materials wholesale?

Which client groups do they generally do build materials?

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  1. Where does the customer come from?

    In natural entering the store

    Customer characteristics 1 There is a corresponding product demand 2 will compare the product within the market.

    The customer came to the mall to find the main materials and building materials. Because the decoration company and other early industry interception, the customers who naturally enter the store gradually decrease

    Customer characteristics: 1 Customer's demand is clear and strong. 2 has a strong desire to buy. 2 has a certain understanding of the product. R nThe customers are actually quasi -available customers, so they need to do more homework to control and track the customers

    : 1 Customer needs 2 can judge the customer's initial judgment of the customer based on the situation of the different industry. It is not easy for the maintenance of the maintenance and the maintenance of the benefit. The way to communicate with customers is likely to cause the dislike of the end and customer. 3 requires a lot of workload and continuous tracking

    because the dealers now adopt a large number of similar ways to communicate with customers, and even some telephone marketing methods are simple and rude As a result, some customers have a relatively great resistance to such methods, but at present, it is still an essential customer acquisition method

    five WeChat invitations
    n Leave the impression to customers 2 to understand the information and preferences of some customers through friends, such as the circle of friends 3, easy to communicate with customers to facilitate the sending information

    The biggest difficulty of such customers is how to establish a preliminary contact with customers in follow -up followers Tracking is very important

    promotion in the sixth community

    Customer characteristics 1 Precise positioning can further reduce the customer group 2 to master the current progress of customers 3 One order may reach a lot of orders in the same community

    The work in running communities is relatively hard and some high -end communities will be blocked, and the quality of customers in low -end communities must be relatively low according to the situation

    It seven decoration companies

    Customer characteristics 1 Customer access to the store is very high and have relatively clear requirements. 2 Talking to the right to say that such customers need to pay a lot of costs and energy

    Relative to the decoration company's control of terminal customers, so when communicating with such customers, you need to consider decorative companies and Designer's position and profit

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