Basic situation of Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang

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  1. 1. Basic situation
    The Xinhua District is located in the northwest of the provincial capital. Office, 67 community neighborhood committees. As the provincial capital protection area, Xinhua District has a unique ecological environment advantage. The plant gardens are shade in the area, and the people's hearts are clear. The new construction of the South Water and the Northwest of the northwest of the northwest will add a new landscape to the provincial capital. The transportation of Xinhua District is convenient, and 24 urban areas are staggered. Shi Yan and Shiqing Highway and other main markets in the northwest are in all directions. The Shihuan Highway under construction is surrounded by the entire district, and the Shitai high -speed railway passes through. The historical and cultural accumulation of Xinhua District is deep, and the Ming Dynasty gold murals in Pilu Temple are famous at home and abroad. Xinhua District is also a place of religious activities and national settlements. It is the main venue of Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, and Taoism in the province. It retains the simple and elegant mosque, Catholic Church, and Christian Gospel Hall. Xinhua District is also a place of humanities. It is located in high schools such as Hebei University of Science and Technology, Hebei University of Economics and Trade, Hebei University of Political Science and Law, provincial hospitals, provincial second institutions, and other key medical institutions, thirteen institutions and other scientific research institutions, provincial provinces, provincial provinces Provincial units such as the Department of Civil Affairs and the Provincial Department of Health.
    . The current status of economic and social development
    has gradually constructed the joint efforts of the people in the region for many years, and gradually constructed the support of leading enterprises such as Sanlu Group, with dairy processing, mechanical manufacturing, electronics chemical, food processing as the The industrial system of major industries; the provincial capital central business district with the market market as the core of Xinhua Raiders. Among them, Sanlu Group, one of the three major dairy product production enterprise groups in the country, has annual sales revenue of more than 5 billion yuan. Its leading product "Sanlu" brand series milk powder is a well -known brand in the country. The well -known Xinhua collector center market is the largest and most variety of clothing distribution center in North China, with an annual turnover of 30 billion yuan. In recent years, the social environment of Xinhua District has developed in an all -round way, and the social environment has become increasingly harmonious. Xinhua District is the education region. The number of schools and the number of students in the school is the largest. Martial arts, track and field, basketball, chess and table tennis and other mass cultural and sports activities are colorful, and they have won awards in national and provincial competitions many times. Widely carried out the creation of civilized streets, civilized communities, civilized buildings, and civilized market activities, and founded the province's first community spiritual civilization education college and the first community credit file library in the country. Yan Nuoxing's good fashion. rn  三、2006年工作完成情况rn  2006年,全区实现全部财政收入15.13亿元,同比增长8.06%;完成全社会固定资产投资110亿元,同比增长54.89%;实现社会The total retail sales of consumer goods were 6.078 billion yuan, an increase of 15.9%year -on -year; the actual use of foreign capital was 108 million US dollars.
    (1) Accelerate economic development. In early 2005, the district party committee and district government established the three main strategies of building the three main strategies of the "China Dairy Industry Production Base, the core area of ​​important commercial ports in North China, and the provincial capital of green ecological leisure areas", and strived to build a unique regional economic pattern. In 2006, combined with the "Xinhua District Eleventh Five -Year Development Plan", the Municipal Planning and Design Institute was commissioned to compile the "Xinhua District Urban Development Plan", so that at the level of strategic planning, it provided the economic and social development of our district in the future of our district's future period. Clear, scientific and accurate positioning. The Sanlu Group completed the joint venture with the New Zealand Hengnan Group, and the foreign capital of 864 million yuan was in place, taking a key step in the international operation of Sanlu Group. The site selection, projects, and planning of Sanlu Milk Industrial Park have been completed, and fresh milk cleaning facilities, functional foods and cheese, logistics distribution centers and cow demonstration bases are operating in the park. The "Yigao Digital", which has been built in Golden Yicheng Clothing City, introduced one of the three top three digital chains in the country, completed the demolition and transformation of Jinfeng, newly built mid -to -high -end, and Xinyuan's three clothing markets; The construction of information management and e -commerce platforms is preparing for market fire safety monitoring network systems and multimedia public information release systems. The design work of the "General Planning of the Botanical Garden Road Regional Plan" and the regional detailed planning is currently actively operating 5 plots and 7 projects. Ecological tourism parks, at the bottom of the ancient architectural and cultural park are operating quickly. The upsurge of the region's upper and lower plan, grasping projects, and projects in the district. There are 85 projects of more than 5 million yuan in newly built, under construction, and renewal, and planned a total investment of 10.841 billion yuan. A number of projects such as the New Campus of the School of Political Science and Law, Xintian Business Center, Xincheng Building, and Chengchen Shang and Residential Building have been completed; the event of Suzhou, Eighteenth Middle School Expansion, Berlin Comprehensive Service Building and other projects are under construction.
    (2) Accelerate the pace of socialist new rural construction. Accelerated the pace of reform of the rural collective asset property rights system, and introduced the "Administrative Measures for Village -level Collective Assets" and "Measures for the Administration of Rural Collective Finance", which provided a strong institutional guarantee for the exploration and establishment of a positive mechanism for public wealth in rural areas. Taking "the construction of a civilized ecological village" as the carrier, it will accelerate the construction of rural infrastructure, effectively improve the rural living environment, and improve the living standards of farmers. The Du Beibei Bridge and the Second Ring Road of Youyi North Avenue were repaired north of the north section of the road, and two garbage transfer stations were constructed. Accelerated the integration of rural education resources in the suburbs, and invested 1.2 million yuan to start the transformation of four township health centers, and the rural medical and health service network gradually improved.
    (3) Accelerate various reforms. Accelerating the reform of the fiscal budget management system, incorporated 126 fiscal expenditures into the scope of comprehensive budget, and strengthened rigid constraints on fiscal expenditure. Accelerate the pace of corporate reform and complete the restructuring of enterprises such as Taihang Steel Template Factory, Huaxin Electric Plant, and Xinhua Labor Insurance Store.
    (4) Accelerate the development of various social undertakings. The land acquisition and demolition tasks of the South Water and the North Water, the land acquisition and demolition task of the stone ring road, and the land acquisition and demolition work of the northwest water system were successfully completed. The renovation of road sections such as Xinhua Road, Yongtai Road, Ning'an Road, Beicheng Road, and launched the demolition and reconstruction of North Street, Zhonghua Avenue and the Union Road opening project. Through the management methods and methods of innovation urban areas, we will concentrate their strengths to rectify urban management stubborn diseases such as occupation, open -air barbecue, and illegal advertising plaques, and vigorously carry out night view lighting and community greening projects. Stay first. A group of practical things were done for the people. The construction of 11 million yuan was invested to start the construction of 22 standardized community comprehensive service centers, and 10 have been completed. Combined with the transformation and transformation of community health service stations, the creation of the provincial health service demonstration zone has been vigorously carried out, which has improved the level of community comprehensive medical services. The "Provisional Measures for the Institute of Medical Life Services for the Promoting Objects" has been introduced, and the rescue efforts to vulnerable groups have been strengthened, and it has effectively promoted the improvement of social harmony. Actively coordinated relevant departments and units, launched centralized heating projects in some communities, and solved the problem of the people's strong reflection of the problem of winter heating in Berlin and Gaozhu Community. A number of public welfare facilities such as diet stalls and book reading centers are the first to build a group of public welfare facilities in the city.

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