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  1. 1. The word "Liqun" in the front of the real smoke trademark adopts bronzing, laser process and raised the edges, clear and round, and the sense of strength is obvious;
    The fake cigarettes are frizzy, yellowish, and the fonts float on the surface.
    2, the real -interest holographic anti -counterfeiting logo is developed by international advanced holographic anti -counterfeiting technology and optical relief, invisible micro -shrinking technology combinations. There is a line of signature directly below the relief, and there is no fake cigarette.
    3, the depth of the true tobacco steel seal is different, the sense of strength is obvious, and the outline is clear;
    The fake tobacco steel seal depth is consistent and the contour is rough and blurred.
    It in the figure below, the left is true, and the right is false.
    Extended information:
    The anti -counterfeiting technology enterprise products can pass (National 315 Product Anti -counterfeiting inquiry Center) and verification and verification are a technical means for identifying authenticity and preventing falsification and altering. Anti -counterfeit features to prevent falsifying, altered, cloned technical measures, materials, technologies, etc. of illegal acts.
    The security line anti -counterfeit paper technology and its application products, including various types of anti -counterfeiting instructions and qualified certificates, anti -counterfeiting bottle stickers, anti -counterfeiting labels, etc. Consumers can easily achieve authentic identification by identifying the safety line in the middle of the paper.
    The imitation threshold of such anti -counterfeit technology products is extremely high, and it is impossible to use printing methods to achieve forgery. It truly achieves "easy to identify and difficult to forge." Therefore, it is the most effective anti -counterfeiting technology product in the current and future period.

  2. The true and false identification of cigarettes is the same as we need to touch the cigarettes as long as we make one touch, two suits and four disassembly. Whether it is soft packaging or hard packaging, the outsourcing has a transparent film. When consumers buy cigarettes, the first contact is the outer packaging. True smoke: The plastic film feels smooth, has better transparency, and has good gloss. It is a special film. This film is only used for cigarette packaging. If you open it, you will feel that the outer film is thinner and the feel is softer. Fake cigarettes: The general thin film is used, and the gloss is poor. Looking at the cigarette case through the film, it will feel poor transparency. When you touch it with your hands, you can feel that this thin film is thicker and hard. Second, look at it from color. Consumers who often smoke a cigarette, please pay attention to the color of the cigarette case when buying cigarettes. If you may buy the real empty cigarette case when buying a cigarette. The fake cigarette case is more realistic, and there is still color difference from the real cigarette case. Break from the tobacco. Some people mistakenly think that the yellowish the smoke indicates that the better the quality of cigarettes, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. True smoke: The smoke of the real smoke is natural, and the yellow is dark. There are generally no cigarette stalks in the smoke, because the smoke stalks are not flamboyant and are easy to turn off. When the formal manufacturers were produced, they were pushed on the smoke stalks. Fake cigarettes: To confuse consumers, sulfur leaves are generally used, and the smoke shredded. Fake cigarettes often see smoke stalks. It is impossible for the manufacturers to spend the energy to push the stems. It is a special process and needs to buy high -end equipment. Break from the ash. After the general consumers smoke, they see that the ash is white and thinks it is a good smoke. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. In fact, the color of the tobacco is affected by the dryness of the tobacco leaves. When the tobacco leaves are dry, the ash is gray white after burning, otherwise it is darker and difficult to suck. From the perspective of the tobacco ash, it should be observed in the burning. Whether the smoke is mixed with a cigarette stalk and the head. When the cigarette stalk appears, the cigarettes will be difficult to suck. Sanbin cigarette is a more effective means for consumers to identify the authenticity of smoke. General consumers have sucking a cigarette for a long time, and the taste suddenly changes, and fake cigarettes may be encountered. True smoke: The general formula is relatively stable and the taste is stable. A variety of cigarettes in a regular tobacco factory is particularly particular, and the formula is developed for a long time. Although the source of tobacco leaves may come from different regions across the country, comprehensive formulas according to the 40 grades of smoke ingredients, the stability of the taste can be guaranteed. Fake cigarettes: The problem of fake fake people can not take into account the problem of taste. It can be confused into roughly similar cigarettes. It can be replaced with money. It can also be said that the taste of fake cigarettes is the same. Through the above methods, the most direct way when it is difficult to learn from cigarettes for a while is: disassembling it! It is a more direct way to disassemble the packaging box and identify from the adhesive method. True smoke: The packaging boxes are all produced by large -scale machines. The glue on the machine is a dot -like glue point, and the two sides of the cigarette box are bonded. The liquid is equal, regular, and fixed. If the upper glue on the side of each smoke box has three fixed points, the spacing of each glue point is equal, about 10 cm. The upper glue on both sides of a bag of tobacco boxes is in order. If it is torn out, you can see a little bit of rubber that is arranged neatly, and the two points are separated by 2-2.5 mm. The rubber on both sides is also very symmetrical. Fake cigarettes: They are all artificial glue and brushed it with a brush. Looking at it, you can obviously see the traces of the brush. The gum on both sides of the cigarette case is also asymmetric and very high. Fake fake professionals said that disassembling to cigarette cases to identify authenticity is the most spiritual and suitable for all fake cigarette identification. Another way to learn after the disassembly is to look at the inner paper. Each bag of cigarettes has metallic platinum paper. After opening the cigarette case, pull the platinum paper to get the cigarette. It is particularly particular at the open place. There are only two connections on the real smoke platinum paper, and the other parts are completely cut. It is easy to pull it open. When the fake cigarette platinum paper is pulled open, the middle is jagged, and the rough and unevenness is opened. In addition to the above methods, the identification of fake cigarettes should also pay attention to the following three situations: one is cigarettes of different specifications. The specifications of cigarettes are uniform in the country. Each cigarette with a cigarette holder is 84 mm in length, 20 cigarettes, 20 or 10 installations. If 25 cigarette cigarettes are found in the market, it must be fake cigarettes. One is "signing cigarette". The so -called "signed cigarettes", as the name suggests, replace several fake cigarettes in the real cigarette case. Professional counterfeit personnel introduced that when the counterfeit personnel made "signs of cigarettes", they were generally replaced with fake cigarettes in the second or inner rows of a box of cigarettes. This is because fake staff uses the usual habit of smoking in consumers. Generally, the first cigarette will take the outermost row of cigarettes. When he smokes half a pack of cigarettes, he will find fake cigarettes. It's hard to say. In addition, you do not know the local tobacco monopoly varieties, and you may also smoke fake tobacco. Walking on the false edge, maybe, it can only be my helpless choice. Because it is said that the means of counterfeiters are also increasing -very technical content. For example, a new feature of the sales of fake cigarettes, that is, the use of the current characteristics of a series of multiple brands, a clone has many "twin brothers". For example, the Yunyan series appeared "soft bag and blue cloud smoke", the "soft bag blue Yuxi", the "sixteen branches of Hongta Mountain" in the Hongta Mountain series appeared, and there were fake soft bags, fake Ashma, etc. The greatest harm of this clone product is: these fake cigarettes have strong hiddenness and deception. Because there is a series of multiple brands that exist, and even after some operators get these fake cigarettes through other channels, they also think that this is a new brand in a series of tobacco factories. The goods are authentic. It's just that the local tobacco company does not have to do it. At the same time, because these fake cigarettes do not have authentic products, it is more difficult to distinguish the authenticity for ordinary tobacco. Of course, some tobacco will also use the above error understanding as an excuse to deceive consumers and make huge profits.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear ~ How to distinguish between the dividend group cigarettes? ① First of all, look at transparent paper and line -head manufacturing process. The genuine Liten (new version) is produced by GDX2 packaging units. The characteristics of the linear shape of the line; and the fake and shoddy cigarette products are mostly packed by hand, so the transparent paper is not flat, the transparentness is poor, or the linear shape is irregular, or both characteristics. The features are relatively obvious, and the differences can be found in a little attention. ② Look at the diamond -shaped laser anti -counterfeiting logo, the cigarette box or the middle and upper position of the small bag has a diamond -shaped holographic laser anti -counterfeiting logo, especially the plum pattern in the logo. The geometric pattern is very obvious; while the anti -counterfeiting signs of fake cigarettes, the patterns are blurred, whether it is giving light or backlight change, the sensitivity difference between the pattern has no main and secondary sense. Some even have no plum patterns, but obvious grids. ③ Look at the printing process of trademark paper, genuine and lofty group (new version) cigarette, trademark paper printing is delicate and exquisite, especially the lines and edges are still clearly visible; and fake cigarettes are mostly imitation, trademarks, rough paper printing, and after magnifying multiple times, after a certain amount of magnification, after a certain multiple, after a certain amount of magnification, after a certain multiple, after a certain amount of magnification, after a certain multiple, it is magnified. There is a burrs at the edge of the pattern or text. ④ Look at the barcode printing process on the side of the cigarette, the barcode font of the cigarette cigarette (new version) cigarettes is thick, dark and dark, and the edges are printed clean, without stains; while the printing fonts of fake cigarettes are not saturated enough, the color contrast is light and the edges Printed with virtual edges. ⑤ Look at the color of the tobacco and the formula, the real cigarette silk color is golden, there is oily, and the filament wire formula structure is reasonable, mostly leaf filaments, basically no stalk wire; The treated hard cigarette stalks have a higher rate of smoke.

  4. This, the difference between real cigarettes and fake cigarettes. Lao Tzu had long wanted to expose. There has been no time, I am a loyal fan of Liqun. The fake cigarettes are dark and thick. The taste of Liqun is not strong, it is a feeling of the lungs of silk mouth. Fake cigarettes are light, so fading is the same as air. Some will feel in the middle and the most tail, or in the case of mouth. Some you don't feel like air.
    The general supermarkets and large supermarkets are real smoke. Small stalls make the brand of tobacco companies, and the slogans are screaming. In fact, it is fucking fake cigarettes. Don't believe the QR code and appearance. Know the two mouthfuls. What tobacco companies are fucking a few eggs. Your lungs will tell you.

  5. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am Miki, please wait a moment. I am given your best answers and suggestions according to your question. You only need to wait patiently for a while. I will reply to you in five minutes. Thank you very much.nHello, 1, look at the pull bar on the cigarette boxnThe pull strips on the long mouth of Zhenliqun are numb. The words on the pull strips are seal with glue, and the pull head is mostly oval. There is no hemp point on the long mouth of the fake lips, most of the words on the pull strips are concave, and most of the pull heads are irregular graphics or no pull -headed heads.n2. Look at the steel sealnThe contours of the steel print at the bottom of the red long -mouth cigarette case are clear, and the steel prints are deep and shallow. The steel print at the bottom of the fake group of red long -mouth cigarette box is relatively vague, and each word is consistent.n3. Look at the quality of printingnThe three -dimensional sense of the red long mouth printing of Zhenliqun is very strong, and the pattern is clear. There is no three -dimensional texture in the fake lofty group, the pattern is relatively vague, and the thickness of the font is different from the real smoke.n4. Look at the length of the filter mouthnZhenli Qun's long mouth filtering mouth is 30mm long. The length of the fake group red mouth is 25mm, and only it is very good to identify this.n5. See ultraviolet fluorescence anti -counterfeitingnZhenli Qun's long -mouth pull strips use ultraviolet fluorescence anti -counterfeiting. We use ultraviolet rays to expose the English letters of "ZJZY". There is no change under the irradiation of the fake littering long mouth.nI hope my answer can help you.nMore 10nBleak

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