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  1. How much can the mother -to -child shop be made in one year?
    It about how much can the mother -to -child shop be made in one year. The mother and baby industry is different from other industries. It is divided by the crowd. Many times, it also covers the entire family consumption. Maternal and baby supplies include eating and dressed, and I know how much can I earn a year.
    Hak of how much can the mother and baby industry be made in the mother and baby shop a year. Under the premise of stable customers, let's take a look at the profit. The profit of the mother and baby store generally comes from the profit difference brought by the product sales. The price is generally not cheap,
    Mathers engaged in the sales industry should know that the higher the price of the product, it will also be raised by it. The profit price space is greater.

    Why are the profit margin more? This is to be based on the channels for purchases. Generally, large supermarkets operate such products, pay attention to more and not refinement, and the large categories of products are relatively complete, but the products that are divided into each small product are not so delicate and perfect, and the channels for purchases are generally not professional mothers. Infant companies, instead enter the shelf through several wholesale links;
    Prives of professional maternal and infant products stores, the products operated are stronger, all products have professional purchasing channels, and many distribution of distribution, and many distribution of distribution Shang Du has reached cooperation, which has been supplied to the mother and baby shop for a long time, reducing channel costs, and profits will increase.
    In addition to the advantages of purchase, the biggest advantage of the mother and baby store comes from the large market size, high product prices and high frequency of use. In ordinary third -tier and fourth -tier cities, the parenting costs of a single family will not be lower than the monthly. 2000 yuan, most of these expenditures are directly linked to the mother and baby shop.
    The point is here, how much money can you make a year to open a mother and baby shop? According to industry insiders, the one -year profit of the mother and baby shop can sometimes reach more than 100,000 yuan, especially in third- and fourth -tier cities, with small competitiveness and stable customer groups. Even if the business is not good, it can maintain normal operations. As for heavy losses. In general, the fertility concept of small cities is stronger and the market potential is greater. It is a good choice to open a mother and baby shop.
    How how can you make about how much you can earn a year?
    1. Fast consumer goods (milk powder, diapers)
    The "main force" for the sales of maternal and infant shops is still milk powder. In the past, milk powder can provide babies with a variety of nutrients. Milk powder, rice noodles, etc., their gross profit is more than 50%. However, in the environmental retail environment of maternal and infants, the price price is almost transparent, and there is no price advantage. Instead, controlling the goods is the main source of profit.
    can be said that at present, the well -known brand's milk powder stores have basically no profits. Dip pants like Hua also have to sell money, because some customers can find sales, even if there is no profit at least the drainage weapon.
    2. Children's clothing children's shoes
    Whether it is baby's clothes, shoes or bath towels, towels, etc., in fact, this type of product is the most profitable, about 70%. The supply price of infant underwear is about 3.8 % off, and 30 % off out to take out. Children's shoes and children's shoes are generally supplied by 3-4 % (of course there are lower and higher ones)

    3. daily necessities, washing care Products
    This products have fewer profits, daily necessities of 6-6.5 % off (50 % off) and 70 % off for washing supplies. Then it can also be used as a drainage product to promote other products for the store.
    4. Toys
    This is generally 4-6 % off. Toys consumption can be said to be growing, demand increases, so that product profits continue to show new trends. Several times, each selling one can become a store profit guarantee.
    5. Children's car lathes
    Calls generally have about 30 profits of about 30 points, but due to the existence of a type of e -commerce such as Taobao, many offline agents are directly based on the factory price and low profits. Sold it, so it is basically difficult for you to follow the official guidance price, so 10%of the profit after deducting various costs is already good.
    Couns and children have a lot of their own self -employed products, and they have advantages over other products in terms of price. If you want to open a mother and baby shop, you choose your mother and baby!
    The process and precautions for opening the mother and baby shop for about 3 9 o'clock in one year when opening the mother and baby shop:
    Analysis of the local mother Baby Market
    Novices do not understand how to analyze the mother and infant market. Angels I teach you a trick: circle several key communities in your favorite area, and then look at the number and number of stores in this area and the number of stores in maternal and infants Popularity. If the baby's bathing shop, children's barber shop, and infant playground all exist in the area, then it means that the mother and baby market in the area is good. Slightly professional, you may need an infant supplies. The market status quotation questionnaire.
    The location of the mother and baby shop
    Is when choosing the mother and baby store address, you first need to understand the local consumption level, then determine the size of the mother and baby store, and then choose the corresponding store area. You need to see if there are communities with large population density, maternity and gynecological hospitals, children's hospitals, bustling commercial streets, large supermarkets, etc., because these all determine the size of the store. Be careful not to choose the street shops that are far away from human sidewalks on the fast lane or one -way road. These are not convenient for customers to park or go.
    News to see the secrets of the mother and baby shop for novice Xiaobai.
    If of the industrial and commercial registration of maternal and infant stores
    If industrial and commercial registration to obtain legal business qualifications. One thing that must be done by the mother and baby shop is to obtain legal business qualifications and register industry and commerce in order to carry out business. You need to understand the novices who know nothing: what procedures need to open the maternal and baby shop.
    The name of the mother and baby shop
    The is difficult to start with everything. It is also difficult for novices to open the mother and baby shop. How to take a nice and loud name? A golden signboard can bring unlimited business opportunities. What are the names of the mother and baby shop? Should I take a fashion or cute and warm name?
    The reference to the existing store name can broaden your name: Send you Some good names name your mother and baby shop

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