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  1. 14 years is a year when P2P is hot. As soon as the online loan is deep, the P2P online loan industry runs the storm. Then on the road of investment in 2015, what dangerous platforms should invest in Xiaobai avoid? Let me explain them one by one.

    : High -interest P2P company with an annualized income above 20%, it is recommended to stay away.

    It 20%or even 30%of the returns to investors, then the cost of giving financing companies at least 40-50%, and few companies can bear such high financing costs. Unless the bank does not give renewal, or there is a serious problem with the business turnover of the enterprise, there is no cash flow.

    Is to understand this P2P company's operating model when selecting some platforms, and understand how this P2P company compensates for the cost difference with others. Other P2P companies have 15%financing costs, 25%, 10%of the cost difference at the starting point. What do you take to fight customers with others?

    Ten thousand, tens of millions of P2P companies, invest carefully.

    The small and micro finance, P2P are small dispersed, rely on regional decentralization, industry decentralization, and scattered amounts to avoid risks. It will cause a large number of investors to lose the principal.

    The third category: self -financing P2P, resolutely stay away.

    Due to the difficulty of financing in SMEs in recent years, the cost of borrowing money from offline small loan companies is high. With the popularity of P2P, many lack of money companies have the idea of ​​setting up the P2P platform. The self -finance P2P platform is also one of the biggest risks in the current P2P industry. Many manufacturing companies, real estate enterprises, and mining companies. This kind of company is mainly concentrated in two tumors, one is that the funds are concentrated in a single project, and the risks are huge; the other is to raise funds for themselves. The three parties are so fair and objective.

    The fourth category: The number of teams is less than 100 or even less than 20, and invests carefully.

    The essence of Internet finance is finance rather than the Internet, and the core of finance is risk control. A P2P platform with only 20 people team claims to manage 500 million assets. Lack of persuasiveness. Team of 20 people, remove technology, remove finance, remove customer service, remove the front desk, remove administration, remove the general manager and deputy general manager, and how many people can do business risk control? Control, not to mention how to identify the authenticity of the submitted materials, that is, the signing and collection of this link is quite large for more than 20 people. If customers are scattered throughout the country, a team with less than 100 people cannot support the company's business continuous operation.

    Then category: P2P companies with concentrated regional and industry concentration, investing carefully.

    It some P2P companies only do one industry, such as real estate, steel, building materials, drinks and drinks. Once the industry risks come, the entire plate will risk. It will also face the principles of doom in regional concentration, customer similarity, and concentrated risks, and violate the principles of dispersing small and micro financial regions, decentralized industry, and scattered amounts.

    The sixth category: 80-90%of the team members came from technology. They are good at the Internet, are good at promoting, good at customer experience, and do not understand P2P companies that do not pay attention to finance.

    The reason is the same as above. The essence of Internet finance is finance, not the Internet, and risk control must be put in a place that pays enough attention.

    Category 7: The founder of the company has no industry experience or industry experience is less than 3 years.

    1. This kind of company's understanding of small and micro finance and P2P may still be accurate and profound. Perhaps it is just a company that is only opened with the stream. Generally speaking, it lacks core competitiveness.

    2, small and micro enterprise customers and multi -industry service experience need to accumulate, to train the team to learn blood, and the newly established team and company need to observe.

    The category: first opening the wealth management business and then opening a credit business. All projects are replaced by A, B, and C. Investors do not know the flow of funds and there is no debt list (once risk discharge occurs, , Investors have nowhere to pursue debt) P2P platforms, it is recommended to stay away from.

    This platforms have no claims at first, which are virtual. Such platforms often involve illegal fundraising, especially for wealth management business than credit business first, must be far away. The normal state is that the credit business has been carried out for half a year to one year earlier than the wealth management business. Only when the operation is stable, the wealth management business will be gradually opened.

    The ninth category: No core risk control technology, risk control model, and customer management system, not due to due diligence, and even P2P platforms that are not available in third -party payment supervision, resolutely stay away.

    out of curiosity, maybe several customers sell, government or state -owned enterprise leaders who have the right to cooperate with a group of grandfathers, and they have opened the company. Or contract, then go to banks and target customers to raise funds, mainly investing in projects for real estate, mining, and surrounding friends. It is claimed to be in contact with VC and PE, and how many times the valuation is promoted everywhere, it is actually a guest who hangs this P2P Internet finance.

    In in early 2012, the more formal companies have begun to actively ask for third -party custody funds, and the transparent funds are detailed. This is the industry self -discipline. Essence

    The category: Same website and other P2P companies, it feels like it has only changed the name. The cost of the system is low, about tens of thousands, and the background vulnerabilities are serious and will be hacked at any time. Such P2P companies are resolutely away.

    This company is likely to be with the idea of ​​retreat at any time to save the investment of the technical team, and use all the registered funds to win customers. Check, run away after cheating. Or if you don't get the customer, you will have no money, and you will close.

  2. Investing in financial management should be the first place, and it is particularly important to choose a safe and reliable platform. For newcomers, it is best to comprehensively select the platform from factors such as platform qualifications, platform backgrounds, risk control, scope of income, and capital custody. In addition, it is best to decentralize investment, and you can choose a few good platforms for decentralized investment to reduce risks.
    It can be examined from the following elements:
    1. View registration information and website filing information on the P2P platform.
    This is a must -do homework for P2P financial management. A P2P platform without registration and not filing is obviously abnormal, and it must be illegal operation. P2P platform website filing information is generally reflected under the website.
    2. Examine the background of the P2P platform.
    The investors try to choose platforms with state -owned assets, listed companies, and VC backgrounds. There are platforms with backgrounds, strong strength, and not easy to run away. It will be more secure. Like the win -win cooperatives of the rich bird group of listed companies, Lu Jin, etc. are all good platforms.
    3. Whether there are third -party hosting on the P2P platform.
    The "Internet Financial Guidance Opinions" issued on July 18 clearly states that the online lending platform must have third -party funds custody, and further emphasizes that it has cooperated with banks to custody.
    4. See if the risk control of the P2P platform is rigorous.
    Rotten risk control is the core competitiveness of the P2P platform. Some platforms have their own risk control teams, and some platforms and small loan companies have cooperation. We must understand the true situation of the platform targets, risk control operation processes, etc. to determine whether the platform is suspected of self -financing and what is the level of risk control.
    5. Reasonable returns
    P2P platform's income is not high. If the platform's annualized rate exceeds 20%, then you should call a few more question marks. Of course, the annualization rate should not be too low. If the platform's annualized rate is lower than 10%, what is the significance of investment? For example, the benefits of Win -win cooperatives are 8%to 14%, ensuring the stability of the income of different customer groups.
    6. Understand the level of platform customer service, how much user satisfaction is.
    The experience platform customer service, WeChat public account, customer service QQ group, customer service telephone, etc., to understand each channel, understand from the mouth of customer service staff, if the customer service staff answered some questions about some questions or care about it Wait, this platform is best not to vote.
    It, if it is a local platform, investors can find a few partners with P2P inspection experience in the same city to conduct field inspections. Whether the loan business information is available.

  3. Determine the security of the P2P online loan platform:
    1, the P2P platform with a high registered capital and a professional financial background team;
    2, select the P2P platform with third -party funds custody;
    3, guarantee aspects of guarantee Don't be superstitious for the principal guarantee promised by the platform to avoid the P2P platform you guarantee;
    4, select the P2P project, try not to choose a large borrowing mark;
    5, select a P2P platform with high transparency.
    The P2P loan platform in the country now. Depending on the types of shareholders of the P2P online loan platform, different factions are divided into different factions. Relatively speaking Bank E Rong E loan, Qi Shang Bank Qile Rong E platform) and the State -owned Assets Department (such as Kaixin Loan, which are jointly established by State Development Bank, Kaishi Financial, and Jiangsu Province) Essence

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